Fresno Lyft Accident Lawyer

Rideshare companies like Lyft have dramatically impacted transportation. Lyft offers travel at a better price than the average taxi, and many people prefer the option of riding in someone’s personal vehicle. While Lyft adds convenience, their drivers get in collisions in Fresno. 

If you were hurt in an accident with a Lyft driver, you might be entitled to compensation. There is an added layer of complexity when a Lyft driver causes your accident, as many insurance policies could be involved. Let our Fresno Lyft accident lawyers resolve that confusion for you while they pursue compensation on your behalf. 

What Damages Could Be Available in a Fresno Lyft Accident Case?

You could be entitled to two different categories of compensation following a Lyft accident. These categories include economic and non-economic damages. Both forms of compensation could be available to you in a Lyft accident injury case. 

Economic damages are intended to compensate you for any out-of-pocket expenses related to your accident. The ultimate goal of this type of personal injury compensation is to return you to the financial position you found yourself in prior to the accident. Some of the prominent examples of economic damages include property damage, lost wages, and medical bills. 

Non-economic damages are not as easy to identify as economic damages. These damages compensate you for the non-economic hardships your injuries cause you. Unlike economic damages, this form of compensation is not intended to help you recoup your out-of-pocket losses. Some of the subjective losses that are considered non-economic damages include the loss of consortium and pain and suffering. 

Fault is important in car accident cases and pursuing damages. In many cases, you could be covered by substantial insurance policies paid for by Lyft if their driver is to blame. 

The Lyft Driver

Like any car accident, you could file a civil lawsuit against the driver who caused the wreck. This is true in a Lyft accident as well. The at-fault driver could be individually liable for your injuries, but they could also have liability insurance to cover your accident as well. 


Lyft is not typically involved in car accident lawsuits. This is because their drivers are treated as independent contractors. While you likely cannot sue Lyft directly, that does not mean they have no role to play in your case. You could be entitled to benefits from a policy paid for by Lyft. 

The circumstances surrounding your accident will determine if these policies are in effect. The important factor depends on whether the driver was transporting a passenger or otherwise seeking one out at the time of the crash. If the accident happened:

  • When the app was off Lyft coverage will not be available.
  • When the app was on and driver was seeking a passenger – Limited coverage is available.
  • When the app is on and the driver has accepted a ride – The full value of the policy could be available.

Your Insurance Company

While it is natural to wonder who is at fault for a rideshare accident, you might be entitled to compensation without having to establish another party was at fault.

There are times when your own insurance would cover your injuries following a collision with a Lyft driver, even in situations where liability is unclear. 

However, this compensation will depend on a few factors. The most important is the type of coverage you carry. 

If you have full coverage, your insurer could cover all of your damages in the accident if you cannot secure compensation from another party. Likewise, uninsured motorist coverage—or UIM—could be invaluable to you if the Lyft driver that struck you has inadequate liability coverage. Our firm could review your policy and determine if your carrier could cover some of your losses. 

How Our Attorneys Could Help With a Fresno Lyft Accident

Our firm could resolve numerous complex issues in your case. There are unique challenges with Lyft accidents that are not present in other types of collisions. Our attorneys are prepared to address those issues in your Fresno accident case. 

Investigating Fault

It is not always simple to get to the bottom of a Lyft accident. This is often the case when there are more than two parties involved. Your attorney could review police reports, witness statements, and traffic camera video to determine fault in your accident. 

Navigating Insurance Policies

There could be numerous insurance policies in play following an accident with a Lyft driver. Our firm could help unravel them. Not only could there be multiple policies covering your Lyft accident, but each of these policies could have different priorities as well. An attorney could identify which policy is required to pay first. 

Negotiating a Settlement

Negotiated settlements are common following a Lyft accident. Often, there is little doubt who was at fault in the crash. Settlements are even common in cases where liability is disputed.

Despite the fact that settlements are common, it takes work to secure a fair offer from the insurance company. Your attorney could deal with their tactics to delay or diminish your settlement before helping you secure the fair offer you need.  

Litigating Your Case

Even if your case ultimately settles, you might need to file a lawsuit first. Managing litigation on your own can put your case at risk, especially if a trial becomes necessary. Your attorney could ensure you avoid the various pitfalls that come with litigation while giving you the best chance of a favorable verdict at trial. 

You Could Be Entitled to Damages Following a Lyft Accident

Any car accident has the potential to result in severe bodily injuries. Pursuing compensation for those injuries can be difficult without legal counsel guiding you. Our Lyft accident lawyers are ready to lend a hand to your family in Fresno.

The team at Nadrich & Cohen is here to serve as your advocates throughout the litigation process. From beginning to end, we will work tirelessly to get you the fair outcome you need. To discuss your options, reach out for a free consultation today.