Fresno Uber Accident Lawyer

Accidents with Uber drivers have the potential to result in monetary awards. If you are hurt, you could hold the driver accountable by filing a civil lawsuit. You might also be entitled to pursue an insurance claim against Uber under certain circumstances. 

Resolving these accident claims can be more difficult than standard motor vehicle accidents. With multiple insurance policies involved, you could use help getting to the bottom of who is responsible for your damages. Our Fresno Uber accident lawyers could ensure you maximize your recovery after your accident. 

Will Uber Pay for Your Fresno Uber Accident Damages?

If you were injured in an Uber accident, your first thought might be wondering if you can sue the rideshare company for compensation. Because Uber treats its drivers as independent contractors, the law does not allow you to sue the company directly in most cases. Suing Uber might not be an option, but filing a claim with the company’s insurance policy could be. 

Uber is required to provide its drivers with liability insurance. At times, this insurance could provide substantial benefits after an accident. It is not always clear when these policies are available. For example, insurance provided by Uber is generally secondary compared to the policy their drivers carry.

The benefits available under an Uber policy vary. If a negligent Uber driver injures you, you must first exhaust their coverage before the company’s insurance policy will pay anything. Our personal injury team can answer your questions about this.

When Drivers Have Accepted a Passenger

Insurance coverage of up to $1 million could be available in an Uber accident. This maximum level of coverage kicks in as soon as a driver accepts a ride request from a paying customer. This high level of coverage remains in place until the passenger is picked up and then dropped off at their destination. 

When Drivers Are Seeking a Passenger

Benefits could also be available through an Uber policy if the driver was using the app but had not yet found a rider. While coverage is available at this point, the policy limits are substantially lower compared to drivers who have accepted a rider.

When Drivers Are Not Using the Uber App

Suppose an Uber driver is not transporting a passenger or actively using the mobile app to find a rider. In that case, the rideshare company considers them to be using their vehicle for personal reasons. In this situation, coverage from the Uber policy is not available. 

What Damages Could Be Available After a Fresno Uber Accident?

Many types of compensation can result from an Uber accident lawsuit. These damages could include:

Lost Wages

It can be difficult to return to work after an Uber accident if your injuries are significant. Missing work could mean that you miss out on your primary source of income. 

Mental Anguish

Reliving the trauma of an accident is not uncommon, even after the injuries that come with a crash have healed. Financial damages could be available for your mental anguish related to your accident. 

Medical Costs

Your medical bills could be recovered as part of an Uber accident settlement. Any medical treatment—from hospitalization to surgery—could result in damages. A successful injury case could help you recoup the full cost of your care. 

Resolving an Uber Accident Case

There are different possible outcomes in any Uber accident case. Our attorneys serving Fresno have successfully resolved these cases before. We could secure a settlement with the Uber driver or their insurance company. When settlements are out of the question, obtaining a trial verdict is another viable option. 

Our Team Can Negotiate for Your Fresno Uber Accident Claim Settlement

Negotiating settlements is a common occurrence in Uber accident cases. Often, there is little doubt that the Uber driver was at fault. Because Uber often provides liability insurance coverage for their drivers, these carriers routinely reach settlements with injured parties. 

Insurance companies might push for a quick settlement, but these efforts are not for your benefit. Insurance adjusters know that injury victims who have not yet hired an attorney often accept inadequate settlement offers. That is why it is important to speak to an attorney before settling your case. 

Our Team Can Take Your Fresno Uber Accident Case to Court if Necessary

Not every Uber accident case will settle. When a trial becomes necessary, your attorney could ensure that you are prepared. It is important to remember that settlements can occur up until the moment of trial, so your attorney could continue working toward a resolution while preparing for trial. 

Make the Most of a Free Consultation From Our Rideshare Accident Team

Many people involved in an Uber accident have never pursued a personal injury lawsuit before. If that is true for you, it is understandable if you have questions regarding how a personal injury lawsuit might move forward. Your questions are important, which is why our firm offers free consultations to those injured in an Uber accident. 

Your initial consultation is your chance to learn about the strength of your case. It is important that you provide the attorney with any information you have regarding your case, including police reports or medical bills. The attorney could review this information before advising you on your options. 

A free initial consultation is a rare opportunity to have your questions answered by legal counsel. What’s more, you are under no obligation to select our firm once the consultation is complete. However, we are confident you will see our experience and skill could be invaluable to your case. 

Reach Out Today To Learn More About Your Options

Collisions with Uber drivers can result in traumatic injuries. If you are dealing with the fallout of an Uber accident, you do not have to take on these challenges alone. Navigating the legal system can be difficult, especially when recovering from an injury. Our attorneys could lift the stress of a personal injury case off of your shoulders. 

The Fresno lawyers from Nadrich & Cohen are here to guide you through every stage of your Uber accident case. We will pursue the outcome you deserve, from investigating your case to negotiating a settlement. Reach out to us right away for a free consultation.