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Modesto Dog Bite Lawyer

You could be entitled to financial compensation if you suffered injuries from a dog bite in Modesto. These injuries can be severe, and the consequences can be permanent in some cases. Even bites from smaller dogs can result in nerve damage that has a lifelong impact on your health and well-being. 

Pursuing a dog bite injury lawsuit alone is never easy. In some cases, even tracking down the dog owner on your own can be a challenge. That says nothing of the complications when dealing with insurance companies or the courts. Let our Modesto dog bite lawyers take on the stress of navigating the legal system while pursuing compensation on your behalf. 

Compensation for a Dog Bite Injury You Could Recover in a Personal Injury Case

Different types of financial compensation are available to dog bite injury victims. Some of the types of compensation you could recover include: 

Medical Expenses

The cost of treating a dog bite can be high, and those costs could continue to grow over time. Many injuries, like nerve damage, will continue to require ongoing care. That means these medical costs could continue to grow for the rest of your life. A successful lawsuit could cover past and future medical bills. 

Pain and Suffering

Your physical pain could also serve as the basis for compensation. This pain could be severe, especially if you have experienced nerve damage in the dog attack. The extent of your pain and suffering compensation could scale with the amount of your medical expenses. 

Lost Wages

If a dog bite injury makes it impossible for you to work, you could miss out on your primary source of income until you recover. Replacing that lost income could be possible through a civil lawsuit. 

Who Is Responsible for a Dog Bite in Modesto, California?

You could pursue compensation without showing the owner was negligent. That does not mean compensation is always guaranteed in these cases. There are still elements you must establish to prevail. 

First, a plaintiff has to show that a dog bit them. Next, they must establish that the attack occurred on public property or in a private place where they were entitled to be. In other words, trespassers do not have the right to pursue a strict liability case against the dog owner. 

Bites vs. Other Injuries You Might Have Suffered in Modesto, California

State law regarding the strict liability standard is very specific. It only applies to injuries that result from a dog bite. Even that standard is broad, as it includes any injury that stems from a dog grabbing a person with their mouth. Even if the bite doesn’t break skin, an injury from a subsequent fall could still be pursued under the strict liability standard. 

You Could Hold the Dog’s Owner Responsible if the Animal Didn’t Bite You

Other types of dog attacks do not fall under this standard, though. For example, many dog-related injuries occur when a dog knocks a person to the ground and injures them. Because there was no biting involved, the injured party cannot hold the dog owner accountable using the strict liability standard. 

However, that does not mean the dog owner is off the hook. An injured party could still pursue a lawsuit against the owner based on a theory of negligence. According to CACI No. 401, negligence is the failure to take reasonable care to prevent harm. 

That means the plaintiff would have to prove the dog owner was negligent and allowed the attack to occur. Often, this is done by showing that the owner violated the leash ordinance by not leashing their dog properly.

What Our Dog Bite Lawyers Serving Injured People in Modesto Cost

You deserve to pursue financial compensation following a dog bite regardless of your financial situation. Our firm understands that no injury victim should miss out on their shot at justice because of their financial circumstances, which is why we accept dog bite cases on a contingency-fee basis. 

Under this system, we only recover a fee when we successfully obtain damages in your case. At that point, we keep an agreed percentage of your settlement as our fee. 

The Benefits of a Contingency-Fee Basis

This works in your favor in more than one way. For starters, you will never be asked to pay attorney fees out of pocket—particularly at the beginning of the case. Our firm could get to work on your case immediately without scrambling for a down payment or retainer fee. 

Additionally, we carry the financial risk when we handle your case this way. If we are unsuccessful, we do not get paid. You will never walk away with less than you had before you contacted us. It is a win-win situation for all of the dog bite injury victims we represent. 

Talk to Our Team Serving Modesto About Your Dog Bite Injury

Our team of attorneys understands the trauma that can come with an animal attack. We also understand the law surrounding dog bite injuries, and we are prepared to put our experience to work for you. Attorney Jeffrey Nadrich has been featured on Bloomberg News to provide insight into the insurance companies’ stance on dog bite claims. 

If you are ready to pursue compensation following a dog bite, the team at Nadrich & Cohen is here to help. Our firm is proud to fight for victims of Modesto dog attacks, and we have a track record of success with holding owners accountable. To learn more about how a dog bite lawyer could help, contact us for a free consultation today. 

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