Modesto Premises Liability Lawyer

If you or a loved one is recovering from an accident that occurred on someone else’s property in Modesto, you deserve justice. You could seek and recover compensation for medical care, lost income, and other damages from your premises liability accident that can help you cover your expenses.

A Modesto premises liability lawyer from Nadrich & Cohen can handle your case for you. These cases include slip and fall accidents, negligent security accidents, and other dangerous premises situations. With a lawyer, you will not face the stress and time requirements of your lawsuit or insurance claim.

What Our Clients Appreciate About Nadrich & Cohen—And Why You Should Hire Us

Victims of negligence deserve representation from a law firm that will make their case a priority. Those who choose Nadrich & Cohen get a dedicated legal team that fights for their full financial recovery.

Nadrich & Cohen:

  • Has more than 30 years’ legal experience 
  • Has a record of successful case outcomes throughout California, including in Modesto
  • Is not a run-of-the-mill law firm, as we treat our clients like the real people they are
  • Fights insurance companies, large companies, and all others who owe our clients compensation

Our experience in the Modesto area may be a credit to your case. We know which courts handle civil cases in Modesto, which insurance companies serve the area, and what to expect from lawsuits and insurance claims in Modesto. This knowledge and experience may help us when overcoming challenges in your premises liability case.

What Do Former Clients Say About Nadrich & Cohen?

Nadrich & Cohen fights tirelessly for victims of negligence. Because we make our clients the priority, many of them leave reviews detailing their experiences:

  • “Personal injury lawyers that care. They made sure that I had everything I needed to get better and move on with my life after my injury.” – Norm T., former client
  • “I hired Nadrich & Cohen for my personal injury case. I slipped. They came through for me when I really needed it.” – Mary W., former client
  • “I truly believe that they had my best interests at heart and got me a lot more than the insurance company really wanted to pay.” J. Johnson, former client
  • “The attorneys and paralegals never rushed to get me off the phone. They took their time to answer questions and address all of my concerns. That really meant a lot to me and made me feel secure in my decision to hire them to represent me and my family.” Jeremy K., former client

Client reviews are revealing. They indicate how a law firm may treat you as a client. When you hire us, you can be certain that you’ll receive attentive representation.

We respond to phone calls, emails, and in-office visits as quickly as possible. If you have questions or concerns, we’ll provide the answers you deserve.

Services That Nadrich & Cohen Provides Premises Liability Clients in Modesto

Nadrich & Cohen is a full-service law firm, and each client receives the full backing of our resources. Our team will handle every step in your premises liability case, including:

Identifying the Relevant Laws That Apply to Your Case

Nadrich & Cohen employs attorneys with the training and knowledge that our clients deserve. We understand the statutes that apply to civil cases in California, including California Civil Code § 1714. This statute holds property owners liable for certain injuries that occur on their premises.

When you hire a Modesto premises liability lawyer from Nadrich & Cohen, you also receive the services of our paralegals and staff. We will use all statutes and precedents that could help us win your case. We also explain how the law applies to your situation so that you can understand what is going on.

Documenting and Assessing the Costs of Your Damages

We will identify your damages, calculate their value, and work to document them. This process may include:

  • Bills for all accident-related medical care
  • Proof that you missed work and lost income because of the Modesto premises liability accident
  • Testimony from loved ones and others who witnessed your damages
  • Testimony from medical and mental health professionals about your injuries and trauma

Our firm will document your losses as much as possible. By creating a clear picture of how you suffered, we may be well-positioned for settlement negotiations.

Determination of Liability

Nadrich & Cohen will identify all parties who owe you compensation. A property owner could be the defendant in your case, but we never make assumptions about liability. Our team will obtain witness accounts, review a police report from your incident, and rely on our experience. We will use these resources to identify those who have harmed you and seek to have them cover your losses.

Settlement Negotiations

We may settle your Modesto premises liability case. A settlement can be preferable to going to trial because:

  • A settlement may provide you with fair compensation
  • Going to trial can be time-consuming and costly
  • A settlement may be the most efficient way to resolve your case

Settlement negotiations require a thick skin, patience, and persistence. Nadrich & Cohen will not agree to any settlement except the one that you deserve.

Defending Your Rights After a Modesto Premises Liability Accident

Personal injury lawyers must always defend the client’s rights. Our team will protect you from intimidation, deceptive practices, and poor settlement offers.

Recoverable Damages in Modesto Premises Liability Cases

Damages will be the central focus of your premises liability case. Whether you suffered a slip and fall accident or another type of harmful incident, you’ve experienced harm. We will determine what your specific losses are and may seek coverage for:

  • Medical care: Doctor’s visits, rehabilitation, medical images, surgeries, and other medical costs may be part of your lawsuit or insurance claim. We’ll work to ensure that you don’t pay for any medical costs that someone else caused.
  • Lost income and earning power: Lost wages and lost earning power due to accident-related disabilities or long-term injury symptoms may be recoverable. You should be compensated if the Modesto premises liability accident means you have to change jobs or stop working altogether.
  • Pain and suffering: Emotional anguish, depression, lost sleep, traumatic thoughts and dreams, and other forms of pain and suffering may be part of your lawsuit.
  • Any other damages you suffer: Our Modesto premises liability lawyer will seek fair coverage for all current and future damages.

Identifying and calculating financial and non-financial damages is essential to a premises liability case. You may want a law firm with the experience and resources to handle these (and other) responsibilities for you. This will save you time that you can use on healing from your accident or taking care of a loved one who is recovering from a premises liability accident.

Call Us Today to Discuss Your Modesto Premises Liability Accident for Free 

Premises liability cases may require you to prove a property owner’s negligence. Nadrich & Cohen will gladly take on this challenge for you. A Modesto premises liability lawyer from our firm will fight for the financial recovery you deserve. Under CCP § 335.1, you generally have two years to pursue an injury lawsuit. We will file your case on time to ensure you don’t miss this statute of limitations deadline. 

Call us today to discuss your Modesto premises liability accident during a free consultation. We are ready to work with you. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can start reviewing your accident and seek recovery for you.