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Santa Rosa Bicycle Accident Lawyer

In beautiful Santa Rosa, bicycling is pretty common most of the year. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are also pretty common much of the year. These accidents can be very severe, leaving a victim with lasting injuries and piling debt, but bike accident victims can legally claim such damages and recover compensation for them.

As a bicycle accident victim, you or your loved one can recover compensation in a personal injury claim. A lawyer can file your claim for you and fight on your behalf for your due compensation. We will tell you more about how a Santa Rosa bicycle accident lawyer from Nadrich & Cohen will help during a free consultation with us.

Common Damages in Bicycle Accident Cases

After suffering a bicycle accident, a victim may have severe physical, mental and emotional damage. On top of that, the victim may incur significant financial damages, such as medical bills.

You may have some of those damages or similar ones, like physical pain, lost wages, and mental anguish. If so, and if you believe your bicycle accident was someone else’s fault, you may have a case.

Damages in Wrongful Death Cases

After a bicycle accident involving loss of life, the victim may have unresolved damages, like outstanding medical bills. In addition, a victim’s family might have damages of their own, like their own mental and emotional damages.

If you lost a family member in a bicycle accident, we are very sorry for your loss and what you and your family must be going through. Your family may have some of the damages we have mentioned and others, such as loss of companionship and loss of family support. You can claim such damages in a wrongful death claim or lawsuit.

Pursuing Damages in Bicycle Accidents

Filing, managing, and settling or litigating a bicycle accident claim or suit may be complicated on your own. There are many steps involved, and some are especially complicated, requiring knowledge of the law and, sometimes, legal experience.

One of our firm’s bicycle accident attorneys can help you in your pursuit of damages by taking on each of the following tasks for you:

  • The investigation of your incident: Your lawyer will have to determine what happened and who was involved. Multiple parties may have been involved in your accident.
  • The establishment of liability in your case: This involves showing how the other party was negligent, which can be a complex process. Also, your lawyer will have to protect you against any claims that you were negligent and that you share in the liability.
  • The collection of evidence: Your attorney will seek out sources of evidence for your case, such as the police report, medical documents, and traffic camera footage. Additionally, your lawyer may have to seek corroborating statements from a medical expert and an accident reconstructionist.
  • The valuation of your damages: To help ensure you receive your due compensation, your attorney will valuate your damages, including your non-financial damages, which can be challenging to assign monetary values to.
  • Negotiating your settlement: This will involve back-and-forth discussions with the other party’s insurance company, who may be unwilling to settle your case fairly. If the insurer does not make a fair settlement offer, your lawyer will take your case before a judge and a jury.

Meeting the Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit in California

Another benefit of hiring a lawyer from our firm is that your lawyer can help you meet the filing deadline for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. So even if you are unsure about a lawsuit, you may want to consider one since it may become your best option in the future.

Per CA Civ Pro Code ยง 335.1, the filing deadline for a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the date of an accident, and the filing deadline for a wrongful death suit is two years from the date of a loss of life.

Our Attorneys Work on a Contingency Fee Basis

Law firms like ours make hiring an attorney very easy and affordable. These firms offer their legal services on a contingency basis, so clients will not pay for their lawyer’s services unless their lawyer has a successful outcome in their case. The clients pay their lawyer out of the award they recover. On top of that, firms like ours offer free consultations, making an attorney even more affordable.

About Our Personal Injury Law Firm

Our legal team consists of bicycle accident lawyers, car accident lawyers and other personal injury lawyers. Since they have backgrounds in personal injury law and work on personal injury cases almost exclusively, our lawyers understand this field of law incredibly well and know precisely how to handle your case. As a result, they have obtained over $350,000,000 in settlements and verdicts for their clients, and you can be sure your lawyer will fight hard for the best outcome in your case.

Our legal team works alongside many medical professionals throughout Santa Rosa who provide their services on a lien. We can refer you to one of these professionals if you need quality care after your accident. You will not have to pay the professional anything until your case is closed. Also, the professional may be able to provide invaluable testimony for your case.

Discuss Your Claim with a Santa Rosa Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, we want to help. Our legal team has assisted many people like you with their personal injury actions, so we are very confident we can assist you with yours. Even if your case is especially serious, like a wrongful death case, we can help.

Since a consultation with a Santa Rosa bicycle accident lawyer will be free with no obligation, you have nothing to lose by contacting our law firm. During your consultation, we will provide a case review and offer advice about how to proceed with your case. Contact Nadrich & Cohen today for your free consultation and case review.