Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline

Step-By-Step: A Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline

Your words and actions after you’re injured in an accident can severely impact any legal action you wish to pursue later on, including personal injury lawsuits. It is very easy to accidentally incriminate yourself, hampering your ability to collect fair compensation for your injuries. It is thus vital that you obtain the services of a personal injury lawyer who can deal with insurance companies and lawyers for you so, instead of worrying about incriminating yourself, you can simply focus on recovering from your injuries.

At Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers, we’re proud of our continuous efforts to assist injury victims and their families in navigating through the legal process. Injuries can be emotionally devastating, so we strive to ease the concerns of our clients, handling every aspect of their cases for them.

It can be tremendously beneficial for victims to know about every step in a personal injury lawsuit so they know what to expect in their personal injury case. You can learn more about the steps in a personal injury lawsuit by reading on, or by calling us for a free consultation at 800-718-4658.

The First Step: Seek Medical Attention

Immediately seek medical attention after being injured in any accident. This is the most important step in terms of both your health and your personal injury case.

It is common after an accident to not immediately feel injuries due to adrenaline and/or endorphins. Injuries sometimes don’t make themselves felt for days or weeks after an accident. It is therefore vital to seek medical attention immediately after an injury accident, especially since some injuries you may not feel right away like brain injuries or hemorrhaging can develop into something extremely dangerous or even fatal later on.

Insurance companies can say your injuries were caused by something other than your accident if you take too long to seek medical attention after an injury accident. They can also argue your injuries must not be very serious if you didn’t immediately seek medical treatment, or if you don’t regularly follow up with medical appointments. It is therefore critical that you immediately seek medical treatment after an injury accident and dutifully attend any follow up appointments with your medical providers.

The speed at which you seek treatment and the diligence you show in attending follow ups directly impact your ability to obtain a fair settlement for your injuries.

The Second Step: Collect And Preserve Evidence And Information

Gather as much information, after calling emergency services and law enforcement, about your injuries and accident if you are physically capable, including:

  • Getting the contact information, vehicle information and insurance information from every party involved in your accident.
  • Get statements and contact information from any witnesses present.
  • Take photos and videos of the scene of the accident from multiple angles, documenting property damage and injuries.
  • Get any documentation or information resulting from the accident, including documentation and bills from all medical appointments, reports to employers regarding work-related injuries, communication with other parties, insurance letters, and documentation of lost wages.
  • Preserve and photograph the offending product if you were injured by a product.

This process is crucial but difficult, especially if you’ve been seriously injured. A personal injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining all of the information you need for your personal injury case.

The Third Step: Obtain A Personal Injury Lawyer

You are not mandated by law to obtain a personal injury lawyer, but insurance companies will not offer you fair settlements if you don’t have a lawyer.

Insurance companies have a lot of money. They can afford great lawyers. They will offer you next to nothing for your injuries if you don’t have a lawyer, daring you to take them to court. They will do this because they know you can’t win in court against their lawyers if you don’t have a lawyer.

In other words, you won’t get a fair settlement without a lawyer because insurance companies won’t respect you if you don’t have a lawyer.

Insurance companies don’t just respect Nadrich & Cohen, they fear us. They know we can prove their insured’s negligence caused your injuries, so with us behind you, they’ll virtually always offer a fair settlement out of court.

We can also help make sure you take all the right steps in your personal injury case, from gathering evidence and information to medical appointments, investigations, and collaborating with experts.

The Fourth Step: Be Prepared

You’ll be prepared for what’s coming if you know what to expect as your personal injury claim progresses. A typical personal injury case, from this point, will tend to progress as follows:

  • Investigation: Documentation and evidence is gathered and reviewed to find out if there is a valid cause of action in a lawsuit.
  • Demand/negotiations: A demand letter is sent out or settlement negotiations are undertaken.
  • Lawsuit filed: A personal injury lawsuit is filed. Injured parties typically have two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit in California.
  • Discovery: Both sides in the lawsuit investigate the defenses and claims of the other side by requesting evidence and documentation, and through depositions. Discovery can last for years in very complex cases.
  • Mediation/negotiations: Lawsuits are often resolved in mediation or negotiations during or after discovery.
  • Trial: The case goes to trial if no settlement is reached.
  • Post trial appeals and motions: Both sides can attempt to alter the amount of the verdict after a verdict is reached, and decisions in the trial can be appealed after a verdict is reached. Cases can settle during this step as well.

California Attorneys Offering A Free Consultation

Personal injury cases can be very complex, and they can be overwhelming for someone dealing with the stress of having been injured in an accident. The personal injury lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen can protect your legal rights and put you in the best position possible to recover from your injuries and obtain a fair settlement.

We only charge a fee for our representation if we obtain a recovery. Our only fee is a percentage of your recovery.

Call us now at 800-718-4658 for a free consultation if you or a loved one was injured in an accident. We’ve recovered over $350,000,000 on behalf of personal injury clients since 1990.


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