Miami Condo Building Collapse

Building Collapse - Miami Condo

Nadrich & Cohen’s and its legal teams including our world class experts on catastrophic building collapses such as the Miami Beach tower partial collapse, are now available to discuss the tragedy with members of the media. We and our legal teams handle building collapse cases. We are available to discuss the fatal Florida condominium apartment building collapse.

Multi-story structures do not suddenly pancake which is the commonly used description for a partially collapsed apartment building. We will review safety plans, safety systems and all maintenance and construction projects from basement to rooftop since the beginning of the building’s history.

Our partners have handled the Tropicana New Jersey collapse, the Philadelphia Salvation Army building collapse and are involved in the fatal fire of the London Grenfell Tower.

We plan on putting together teams regarding structural collapse, mechanical failures, equipment failures, safe construction practices and human failures.

If your loved one was injured or killed when the Champlain Towers South Condos collapsed, contact the skilled disaster attorneys of Nadrich & Cohen for a free consultation by calling 1-800-718-4658. We are available to discuss your legal options to hold all responsible parties accountable for this tragedy.


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