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Auto Accidents

Nadrich & Cohen has been specializing in auto accident cases since 1990. We handle many types of auto accident cases, including:

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No Fee Promise

We offer clients a no fee promise. This means that we do not charge you a fee for our services if we do not obtain financial compensation for you. Our only fee is a percentage of any financial recovery we make for you.

How We Can Obtain Financial Compensation For Your Auto Accident Injuries

We can obtain financial compensation for your auto accident injuries by proving that your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence. California law holds people liable for injuries resulting from their negligence.

You may still be eligible for financial compensation even if you were partially at fault for an auto accident in California, as California law allows for comparative negligence. This means that your damages will simply be reduced by 15 percent if a jury finds you 15 percent at fault for an accident. You will still receive compensation for your injuries in this example.

We Can Get You The Best Treatment For Your Auto Accident Injuries

We’ve been handling auto accident cases in California for 30 years and have developed relationships with all of the best doctors and medical providers in the state in that time. These doctors know we are the experts at proving our clients’ injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, so they’ve agreed to not charge our clients for their services until our clients’ cases are over. They’ve agreed to do this because we’ve proven to them over the years that almost all of our cases are settled out of court for the fair value of our clients’ damages.

This means we can get you the best treatment available for your injuries, no matter your income level.

California Auto Accident Lawsuits

You’ve been injured in an auto accident and now you need help paying your for your medical bills, lost wages, wrecked vehicle and more. Now is not the time to hire a big TV or billboard lawyer who is a jack of all trades and a master of none. Now is the time to hire the auto accident specialists at Nadrich & Cohen. Our lawyers possess over six decades of combined legal experience specializing in auto accident cases.

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