Aviation Accident Lawyers

The trial lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen and its partners have years of experience litigating and obtaining settlements for aviation accidents causing significant injury, death and/or property damage. We and our legal teams have handled many aviation crashes both inside and outside the United States. Call us now at 800-718-4658 for a free and confidential consultation. In aviation-related cases we fight for our clients’ rights to recover and obtain the full amount for their injuries. We will take care of all of our clients’ needs. Our team of lawyers has been involved in lawsuits involving large commercial airlines, tourist airlines, rural air services, bush pilots, small helicopter companies, air ambulance crashes, charter plane crashes, international airline crashes, private plane accidents and more. When necessary, we will be involved in lawsuits involving international aviation which requires complying with the rules of the Hague Convention.

Why Do Plane Crashes Occur?

Private Plane Crashes

Our experts have concluded the following are the reasons why most plane crashes occur:
  1. Inadequate Maintenance regulations: airlines both private and public on average are subject to fewer maintenance regulations than commercial airliners which require their jets to undergo regular checks and inspections between flights.
  2. Location, unfortunately, some private flights are in rural, bucolic and tropical locations and therefore flight paths are unique and being used for the first time. The difference is that commercial airliners all have set routes and essentially fly on those routes. Bad weather and strange new geographical locations can challenge the pilot’s training, skill and knowledge.
  3. Distractions. Unfortunately, pilot error occurs because there of a distraction which can cause the plane to lose control. It is vitally important to be focused at all times and unfortunately this occurs with private pilots.
  4. Inadequate Pilot training. Lastly, pilot training must be equal to that in commercial aviation which it never is because commercial aviation is strictly licensed, bonded and carries continuous education requirements. Private plane pilots do not fly every day and these planes does have the type of emergency procedures that commercial airlines are mandated to have by the federal government.

Commercial Airline Accidents

Luckily, there has not been a commercial airline American air flight death since 2009 with the exception of the tragic April 16th, 2018 occurrence on the Southwest flight from La Guardia, New York to Dallas when the engine blew apart and a turbine blade killed an innocent passenger on a Southwest 737 jet. If you or a loved one survived or if someone sadly died from a commercial airline accident please contact Nadrich & Cohen. Our legal team will handle everything and has extensive experience with all kinds of aviation disaster cases. We are actively involved in a case now in Alaska and with our partners have been in cases throughout the country. Please contact the airline accident attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen at 1-800-718-4658.

Helicopter Crashes

Helicopter crashes occur due to the following: flying with an unsafe load, poor maintenance, bad weather or pilot error. What fails in a chopper crash will  be a gear box, main road or engine heads. Helicopter crashes are extremely dangerous and cause significant injuries, including head and neck, quadriplegia, brain injuries, etc. Please look at our settlements and victories for aviation crash cases. We have listed them below. Please call us today at 1-800-718-4658. If we can help, we will tell you. If we cannot, we will also tell you. Please call us so you have peace of mind. The usual issues in aviation cases relate to product defects, poor maintenance, pilot error and other safety issues which cause accidents. We have represented and helped pilots, passengers, pedestrians on the runway and their families. We have been involved in all types of fixed wing crafts. We know how complicated aviation accidents are and how important it is to choose the right location to file a lawsuit which makes all the difference in the world so we can obtain the highest monetary recovery for our injured clients and the families of those who lost their loved ones.

General Aviation Crashes

We have also been involved in general aviation cases. General Aviation refers to any type of civil aviation aircraft.  Our experience includes lawsuits for victims of scheduled air transport accidents. Scheduled air transport can include passenger and cargo flights that operate on scheduled routes. This includes charter flight operators who operate under various federal aviation regulations. Our cases are against aircraft manufacturers and airline operators.

Types Of Aviation Lawsuits We Handle:

  • Boeing 737 Crash Lawsuit
  • Helicopter crashes
  • Tourist and bush planes
  • Engine failures
  • Defective engine design
  • Jet and commercial aviation accidents
  • All Cessna cases including 206, 208 and Cessna Caravan
  • Pilot error
  • Foul weather crashes
  • All other types of aviation cases
  • Air Ambulance cases
  • Charter plane crashes
  • Private plane cases
  • International Airline cases

California Aviation Attorneys On Your Side

Again, most accidents result from pilot error, engine failure, equipment failure, some safety restriction which was not complied with and/or weather conditions. We always use investigators and forensic experts to favorably resolve the facts and liability issues including interviewing all witnesses, obtaining the evidence and handling the forensic part of the case. Please call the aviation lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen for assistance. We will help you find the truth. We and our partners have the resources, experience and tenacity to win. Call 1-800-718-4658 today. We are contingency lawyers which means that we do not charge until and unless we obtain a recovery. Call today,  complete the “Do I Have A Case