California Food Poisoning Attorneys

California Food Poisoning Attorney

The California Food Poisoning lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers investigate food poisoning (“foodborne illness”) cases throughout the country. We handle all types of cases, including lawsuits regarding restaurants, grocery stores, and national brands. We always strive to obtain the best possible outcome for each client.

Our lawyers have obtained the following types of compensation for food poisoning victims:

  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering for being struck with food poisoning
  • Emotional Distress from being diagnosed with a foodborne illness
  • All medical bills and related medical expenses.

In the past, our legal team represented clients who contracted salmonella after consuming Austin Crackers, Keebler Crackers or King Nut Peanut Butter. We are proud to announce that some of our clients were part of the claimants that received settlements in the bankruptcy court as part of a global settlement with Peanut Corporation of America. Some of Nadrich & Cohen’s California clients collected settlements from the $12 Million Peanut Butter Outbreak Fund.

Food Poisoning Cases Our Attorneys Handle

  • Salmonella
  • Shigella
  • Botulism
  • Norovirus
  • Hepatitis A
  • E.Coli
  • Listeria
  • Campylobacter

How We Prove A Food Contamination Case

A California food poisoning lawyer will seek to prove some or all of the below elements:

  • Simultaneous illness of a group of people who eat the same food at the same time.
  • All of these injured or sick people manifest classic food poisoning symptoms.
  • Prompt investigation of the suspected food (i.e. salami, lettuce, peanuts).
  • Microscopic examination of that food, which shows, for example, a staff infection, which correlates with the injury suffered by the injured group.

However, we recognize and have handled many cases where our clients have already recovered, and the food is not available for a bacteriological study, these cases then depend upon expert testimony. We have also done food poisoning cases caused by sanitation violations against a restaurant or a market.

Food Poisoning Symptoms

Many food-borne illnesses are especially dangerous to young children, the elderly, and others with weakened immune systems. Typical food poisoning symptoms include fever, nausea, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

California Food Poisoning Lawsuit

Can I Sue For Food Poisoning?

The California Food Poisoning Lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers, actively investigate and meet with victims who have been stricken with a food-borne illness after consuming recalled products, produce, meats, cheeses, and other products. If you or your loved one believe that you may have a claim for food poisoning, you need to immediately contact our office for a free case evaluation. When pursuing a food poisoning case, time is of the essence. Contact us immediately by phone at 1-800-718-4658, use the live chat feature or complete the case evaluation form on this page.

We are a contingency law firm which means we only charge a fee if we obtain a recovery. If we do not obtain a recovery for you, nothing is owed.