California Class Action Attorneys

What is a Class Action Suit?

When someone is injured due to a faulty product, hazardous exposure, or improper employment practices, they can sue the wrongdoer for both the damages caused, and, in some cases, damages that punish the wrongdoer for their conduct.  A class action suit can be filed if there are a lot of people injured or wronged because of the same product, conduct, or policy.  Examples of reasons for class action suits include:

  • Health Insurance Claim Denials
  • Breach Of Habitability For Tenants
  • Long-Term Insurance Denials
  • Defective Products
  • Defective Medical Devices
  • Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drug Side Effects
  • Hazardous Exposure
  • Breach Of Credit Card Data
  • Unfair Wage Claims
  • Failure To Pay Overtime Claims
  • Employee Misclassification
  • Gender Or Race Discrimination Hiring & Promotion Practices

This is not an all-encompassing list.  These are just some examples of the types of cases that may qualify for class action status.

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How Does a Class Action Suit Work?

Class action suits are sometimes referred to as “multi-district litigation,” or MDL.   This is a reference to the fact there may be plaintiffs (people who have been wronged and entitled to file a suit) in many different parts of the state, or even in different parts of the county.  For the sake of consistency as well as efficiency, a class action suit combines many different people’s claims into a single suit.

A class action suit includes a named plaintiff for the purpose of identifying the claim, and a number of unnamed plaintiffs.  If the suit meets certain criteria, the case can be certified as a class action.  The criteria include:

  • A legal claim against an identified defendant
  • A large group of people, all of whom have been injured similarly
  • The identified lead plaintiff’s experience or injury is representative of the injury suffered by the class members.

Class action lawsuits are often confused with mass tort lawsuits.

Why File a Class Action Lawsuit?

The benefits of a class action suit include:

  • Consolidating the cases for a single suit, rather than litigating the same issue over and over again before different courts in different parts of the country
  • Consolidating the lawyers working on the case, which results in a cohesive legal team familiar with the all the evidence and issues and
  • Relying on witnesses and evidence in a single forum rather than multiple forums.

Happily, it is not the job of the injured or wronged person to decide whether their case has class action potential.  Instead, if a person is injured or treated unfairly, they can consult with an attorney about the situation.  If the attorney finds there are many others who are similarly situated, they can make the determination of whether or not a class action suit is a good idea.

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Class Action Lawsuit Settlements

A class action lawsuit settlement occurs when the parties come to an agreement to resolve the case without a trial.  Typically, the defendant and plaintiff negotiate a settlement which is designed to meet the needs of the class.  While class action settlements include financial compensation, these settlements can also include other terms, such as changes in policies or product redesign.

Class action lawsuit settlements are not a “one size fits all” endeavor.  Instead, when class action lawsuits are settled, the facts of each individual case are taken into consideration.  When a person has suffered a greater wrong, experienced more incidents of wrongful conduct, or has endured more necessary rehabilitation, for example, they are apportioned a greater amount of the settlement than the person who has experienced fewer complications.

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