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Construction man holding his knee after construction accident

The Law Offices of Nadrich & Cohen have handled hundreds of construction accidents to a successful conclusion, we are experienced construction accident lawyers who fight for you. A construction accident occurs usually when a worker is involved in some hazardous condition job during a major building, renovation, demolition, or excavation project. We have found on countless occasions employers who in order to save money or speed up the work do not provide the necessary safety equipment and devices required by law resulting in workers required to work in unsafe conditions using the wrong equipment or defective equipment.

We have represented workers, pedestrians, and even passers-by who are injured on a construction site. Construction sites are often not secured by proper safety equipment.

More and more cases are occurring due to defective equipment.

If you were in a construction accident, it’s extremely important for you to contact an experienced construction accident lawyer immediately. Call us at 1-800-718-4658. Remember, fellow construction workers who may be an important witness for you tend to move from job to job after completing their assignments such as excavation, framing, steel, concrete, demolition, etc. So it’s vitally important for you to contact us as soon as possible. Also, construction workers are often known by co-workers by a first name or nickname and are difficult to track down. We know how to track these people down. But we need to first represent you – the injured worker. Further, construction work progresses quickly, and the accident scene vanishes quickly. Subcontractors and contractors come and go over the course of the project. It is very important for us to get involved right away so we can make sure exactly which contractor or subcontractor was present and responsible for the accident.

It will cost you nothing for us to help you.

Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers are not only qualified construction accident lawyers we are also contingency lawyers, which means that we do not get paid unless you get paid.

Construction man holding injured arm - construction accident

If you are injured while working around any type of construction site and are a construction worker such as a labourer, plumber, electrician, shipyard worker, sheet metal worker, carpenter, framer, pipe fitter, etc. you may have a claim for personal injuries because a third party other than your direct employer caused the accident. What happens in construction site accidents is that these types of workers are frequently employed by sub contractors who are employed or contracted with a general contractor for the job.

A third party case means that we can obtain for you the full monetary damages as an injured worker that you would otherwise be entitled to in any personal injury case including pain and suffering, actual medical bills, present and future loss of income, diminished future earning capacity and any and all other components of damages recoverable under California law. You are, therefore, not limited to the smaller recoveries in a worker’s compensation settlement.

We could also file a third party case if the injury was caused by defective equipment or tools. We have done so many times. We will file a product’s liability case against the manufacturer of the defective equipment.

How We Handle Construction Injury Claims

Typically, construction injury claims will have many parties involved including contractors, subcontractors and others. The first thing we will establish is who is at fault or who caused the condition that caused the accident. Of course, it has to be a very recent accident for us to do so. We always look at the following additional parties: property owner, general, subcontractors, etc.

Construction accident: man falls through wood

We obtain the OSHA report (Occupational Safety and Health Administration Report) which may list ongoing safety hazards, violations or potential fines, negative recommendations, other issues regarding the contractor. If we get on the site, we will have an investigator take pictures.

We get copies of all permits pulled for the job, contracts between all parties to the project that are relevant, all safety manuals concerning corporate safety or project safety for each contractor or subcontractor and the safety plans for the site concerning job hazards, transcripts of weekly meetings, progress reports and any previous OSHA warnings and citations. We obtain permits from the city or county office in charge of permit approval and inspections.

Our construction accident lawyers are very familiar with 29 C.F.R. 1910 (general workplace regulations) and 29 C.F.R. 1926 (localized issues solely regarding construction). These laws mandate certain safety oriented procedures and standards. We are always looking to show what could have been done to prevent an accident.

If we take the case, we will hire the highest qualified industry expert and hire them for their analysis and expertise from the very beginning. In this area of the law – construction injury cases – experts are of paramount importance. You cannot win without an expert. We may also bring in an OSHA expert, as well.

If you or your loved one was in a significant construction injury accident, please contact one of our intake specialists at 1-800-718-4658. Because we have 24 offices, we can handle construction claim accidents throughout California.

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