Beovu Lawsuit

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The American Society of Retina Specialists issued a note in February 2020 to members saying that they were aware of 11 cases of occlusive retinal vasculitis in Beovu patients. Occlusive retinal vasculitis can lead to vision loss. Novartis then acknowledged in April 2020 that retinal artery occlusion, vasculitis or severe vision loss happened in 8.75 to 10.08 out of 10,000 Beovu injections from February 28 to March 27.

June 2020 Beovu Label Update:

The FDA has approved a Beovu label update. The update includes safety information about retinal vascular occlusion and retinal vasculitis. The warnings and precautions section of Beovu’s label has had the following language added to it: “Retinal vasculitis and/or retinal vascular occlusion, typically in the presence of intraocular inflammation, have been reported following BEOVU injections. Patients should be instructed to report any change in vision without delay.”

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Beovu Vision Loss Claim

Beovu is a medication which treats wet AMD. Wet AMD involves new blood vessels growing in the choroid layer behind the retina. These weak vessels leak fluid, lipids and blood. The leaking can cause the formation of scar tissue and can cause retinal cells to stop working.

Novartis has found that events such as uveitis or cataracts which cause severe vision loss occur in as many as 4.03 per 10,000 injections of Beovu. Novartis has said it is going to work with the FDA and other regulators to update Beovu’s product label and change clinical trial protocols to prevent adverse events.

Beovu’s UK label was updated in December 2021 after Novartis sent a letter to UK healthcare professionals regarding risk factors and a possible mechanism for the Beovu adverse events retinal vasculitis and retinal vascular occlusion.

The letter stated that “patients with a medical history of intraocular inflammation and/or retinal vascular occlusion in the year prior to treatment with [Beovu] were more likely to present with similar events after [Beovu] injection, as compared to nAMD patients with no history of these events.”

The letter also stated that a “treatment-emergent immune reaction against [Beovu]” is a possible mechanism behind Beovu causing retinal vasculitis and retinal vascular occlusion.

A similar letter and label change are likely to be seen soon in the United States.

Beovu Liability Law

Drug manufacturers can be held strictly liable for damages caused by their medications in California, even in the absence of negligence. There are three things that these manufacturers can be held liable for:

Manufacturing defect: Drugs with a manufacturing defect are designed safely but the manufacturing process causes a defect which makes the medication unsafe to use;

Design defect: Drugs with a design defect are manufactured correctly, exactly as intended, but the design of the drugs make them dangerous or unable to perform as intended when used as intended;

Failure to warn: Drugs with a failure to warn are manufactured and designed correctly. However, they lack adequate warnings or instructions and this lack of warning or instruction makes the drugs dangerous to the user.

Manufacturers can be held liable in dangerous drug lawsuits for any of the above three conditions. Testing labs which make mistakes during testing or falsify results can be held liable in dangerous drug lawsuits. Doctors who provide patients inaccurate or insufficient data about a drug’s side effects can be held liable in dangerous drug lawsuits. Finally, pharmacies can be held liable in dangerous drug lawsuits if they give you the wrong medication or the wrong dosage.

Victims of dangerous drugs have two years from the date they became aware that a drug caused their injuries to file a lawsuit in California. This time limitation is known as a statute of limitations.

California Attorneys Handling Beovu Claims

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