Barnett Crossbow Recall Lawsuit

78044 Ghost 415 Revenant (Black Camo)

We are representing victims who were injured while using a recalled Barnett hunting crossbow. The recalled Barnett Crossbow models include:

  • The Jackal
  • Penetrator
  • Wildcat C5
  • Buck Commander

All of these models were negligently designed without a thumb guard on the bow stock, introducing the potential for crossbow thumb injuries. Sadly, due to the lack of a thumb guard, the shooter’s thumb rises into the path of the bow string, causing catastrophic consequences to the shooter’s thumb.

Our law firms have filed numerous lawsuits against Barnett Outdoors, LLC, Synergy Outdoors, LLC, Wild Game Innovations, LLC and other companies for our clients/hunters who have lost thumbs due to negligent Barnett crossbows. We can help you obtain justice for the injury caused by your crossbow. Barnett should be held accountable for their negligence.

The list of recalled crossbows is below.

The models which were subject to the recall were sold and distributed between April 2016 through November 2016. They were priced between $800 and $1,600.

It is reckless for Barnett to distribute and sell crossbows without thumb guards. They were the only manufacturer to do so. What makes this even more dangerous is that most of these crossbows included a scope sight. When an individual is viewing through the scope sight he or she cannot see his hand and figures on the bow stock and therefore the thumb is likely to rise up into the path of the bow string without the shooter seeing it. Sadly, the bow string is released with a gigantic force and one can lose their thumb as a result.

We are representing victims throughout California and nationwide who have been injured by the Barnett Crossbow.  This crossbow has been recalled due to a defective design.  There have been countless reported injuries including thumb amputations.  The problem with the Barnett crossbow is that it does not include a thumb guard.  All competing manufacturers’ crossbows include a thumb guard. Sadly, as a direct result of the lack of a thumb guard, there have been hundreds of thumb amputations and severe thumb and hand injuries.

The Barnett Crossbow recall include those sold under the Mission Archery, Tenpoint, Precision, and other brand names – all of which have been recalled by the Consumer Products Safety Commission because they have the ability to fire without pulling the trigger. This is devastating to the user.

Types of Crossbow Injuries We Handle:

  • Finger amputation
  • Bodily injury
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of use of fingers or hand

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We are representing crossbow victims throughout California and across the country.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a crossbow accident please contact the Barnett crossbow lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen for assistance with your product liability claim. Our legal teams are representing hundreds of Barnett crossbow victims throughout the country who suffered crossbow injuries.

If you allow us to help, we will aggressively represent you or your loved one against the crossbow manufacturer. We have extensive experience and are battle-tested, hardened and proven.  We know what to do. We have the resources to go after any manufacturer. We also have the proof that the Barnett Crossbow is defective. Please read our reviews by clicking below.


List Of Recalled Crossbows

Name of ProductModel
Barnett Ghost 415 Monochrome78044
Barnett Ghost 415 Mossy Oak78059
Browning OneSixTwo80004
Browning OneSixOne80005
Barnett Razr Ice78212
Barnett Razr78210

The Barnett Ghost 415 Monochrome and the Barnett Ghost 415 Mossy Oak crossbows have their model names printed on each side and twice on the front of the crossbows. The Browning OneSixTwo and OneSixOne have their names printed on the front of the crossbows.

The Barnett Razr Ice is blue with “RazrIce” printed on both sides and the front of the crossbow. The Barnett Razr is silver with “Razr” printed on the front of the crossbow.  The safety on the Barnett affected triggers is silver in color and the safety on the affected Browning triggers is black.

78212 RAZR Ice Gun

Recalled models were sold at Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Dicks Sporting Goods and other retailers and dealers nationwide from April 2016 through November 2016 for between $800 and $1,600.

If you purchased one of the above crossbows and suffered any type of bodily injury due to the defect, such as finger/hand amputation or disfigurement, immediately contact the Product Liability Attorneys of Nadrich & Cohen for a free case evaluation.

Time is of the essence as there is a limited time period in which to make a claim.

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