Gas Can Explosion Lawsuit


The attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers are currently investigating Gas Can explosion cases involving the following brands:

  • Wedco
  • Scepter
  • Blitz
  • Midwest

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Gas Can Defects

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The problem is these cans were manufactured and distributed without a flame arrestor. A flame arrestor is a safety mechanism – a small plastic or metal piece which prevents flames from spreading into the can. It is a small metal device that has holes in it, and it’s placed in the gas container’s spout. This part forces flames to travel through a space that’s too narrow to let a flame pass through it, preventing the gasoline inside the can from igniting and exploding. Without this protective feature, flames are able to ignite the gasoline vapors inside the can, causing serious burn injuries and even death.

Although the National Consumer Safety Council in 2013 required that flame arrestors be added to all gas cans, many manufacturers have not yet installed them, despite the parts costing around 50 cents. These devices have been used for over a hundred years, and are even used in bottles of high-proof alcohol.

Unsafe gas cans can also lack child-resistant caps, despite child-resistant caps only costing a few cents extra. Manufacturers of gas canisters used to rely on a legal loophole to get away with not putting child-resistant caps on their gas cans. The Poison Prevention Packing Act required child-resistant caps on any flammable substances used or stored around the home, but didn’t apply to gas canisters that were sold empty, without any gas in them. The Children’s Gasoline Burn Prevention Act eventually removed this loophole, but thousands of unsafe gas canisters made before the act was passed are still undoubtedly being used in American homes.

Gas cans can also lack proper warnings on the container. Warnings on these gas cans are often molded into the side of the can itself, and can be difficult to read or notice because they are the same color as the container.

A lack of a spill-proof closure can also make a gas can dangerous, increasing the risk of accidental gas spills. Children sometimes try to imitate their parents by pouring gas onto toys or bicycles. These gas containers can be heavy, so combining the weight with the lack of a spill-proof closure can end up with a child being soaked in gasoline, one step away from complete disaster.

The failure to institute these basic safety features on a gas can is a clear example of negligence, or a failure to be reasonably careful to prevent harm from happening. California law allows for victims of injuries caused by negligence to recover financial damages from negligent parties.

Nadrich & Cohen represents burn victims throughout the country who have been injured by exploding gas cans, gas explosions, e-cigarette explosions and more. Our legal teams are representing burn victims nationwide from these gas can explosions.

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