Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Denial

 Unfortunately, the truth is many insurance companies ignore their policyholders

Denial of Long-Term Care Insurance
If you or a loved one has purchased long-term care insurance in the last thirty years and for one reason or another you or a loved one’s claim is denied, please contact the national long-term care insurance experts at Nadrich & Cohen. We and our co-counsel have resolved thousands of wrongful denial of insurance claim cases, including long-term care and disability insurance. Unfortunately, the truth is many insurance companies ignore their policyholders. They hope the claim will simply go away because the insured will not bother and finally give up.

If you have been denied a long-term care claim, immediately contact us. We have handled many cases and are currently investigating claims against Conseco, Bankers Life & Casualty, and many others. You need an expert who understands long-term care insurance and who will level the playing field for you and successfully deal with the insurance company, their tactics, and their objections. You need strength by your side. We and our team have extensive experience handling disability, long-term care, and bad faith insurance issues. We handle insurance denial claims in California and nationwide. We do not charge any fee upfront. We charge a contingency fee, which is a fair percentage of what we recover on your behalf.

Denial Long Term Care

Remember, when the insurance company refuses to honor a long-term care insurance policy, Nadrich & Cohen will represent the victims/insureds on a contingency basis. Unfortunately, many victims are disabled, vulnerable, and elderly. We will obtain justice for them and will aggressively litigate their claim until justice prevails.

We are also involved in cases involving an incorrect and arbitrary decision of carriers when, after an insured has paid insurance premiums in for many years, and, then, makes a long-term care related claim, the insurance company responds by denying the policy retroactively. The effect is to allow the company to obtain all of the previously paid in premiums with the insured receiving absolutely no benefits under the policy.

We also represent victims of insurance company bait and switch tactics, wherein the victim purchases long-term care insurance when they are younger, paid premium over the years, and, when the policy is paid in full, the insurance company convinces the policyholder to switch to a different insurance product.

We Won’t Let The Insurance Companies Bully You

Long-term care insurance claimants must be able to prove they can’t perform daily living activities, such as:

  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Using the toilet
  • Getting in and out of beds, chairs or wheelchairs
  • Eating
  • Maintaining control of bladder and bowel function

Insurance companies will try to bully you by hiring doctors with conflicts of interest to evaluate your claim, taking medical details out of context, instituting surveillance, doing biased or inadequate investigations and more. They’ll also try to delay paying your claim as long as they can by asking for an unreasonable level of documentation.

Our long-term care insurance denial lawyers won’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you. We’ve been handling long-term care insurance cases since 1990 and, as personal injury lawyers, the very bread and butter of our practice is dealing with insurance companies. We know all of the tricks insurance companies use to deny our clients the compensation they deserve, and we won’t let them get away with using them.

If you or a loved one has been victimized by an insurance company for a long-term care insurance product, contact our insurance lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen immediately. Remember, the clock is ticking. Time is of the essence. There is no cost to you until we obtain recovery. We handle cases coast to coast.

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