Who Is Most at Risk for Paraquat Exposure?

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Paraquat is a powerful and commonly used weed killer — but it is also a highly toxic chemical with known links to Parkinson’s disease, a debilitating nervous system disorder with no cure. Paraquat is so hazardous that it has been banned in 32 countries, though it is still widely used throughout the United States.

Your risk of paraquat exposure increases if you use the chemical in your line of work or if you live near land where paraquat is sprayed. Paraquat exposure can lead to Parkinson’s disease in anyone, but you may be at higher risk if you have certain pre-existing conditions.

If you or your loved one has developed Parkinson’s as a result of paraquat exposure, you may be eligible to file a paraquat claim and receive financial compensation. Our firm is dedicated to representing the victims of paraquat exposure.

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Paraquat Usage in California

Despite its known hazards, paraquat is used across the U.S. — and its usage more than doubled between 2011 and 2017.

Paraquat usage is higher in California than in any other state. In fact, paraquat is one of the top 10 most commonly used herbicides in California. Paraquat usage is particularly high on farms and agricultural land in California’s Central Coast, Central Valley, and Sacramento area.

Even though studies have shown that exposure to paraquat can increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease, chemical companies continue to sell products containing paraquat. Worse, these companies fail to properly notify the public of the hazards with labels or other informative materials. As a result, those who live and work in areas where paraquat is used unjustly suffer the consequences of paraquat exposure.

Who Is at High Risk of Paraquat Exposure in California?

You are more likely to suffer symptoms of paraquat exposure if you work with the product regularly or live near an area where it is sprayed regularly. Paraquat exposure can occur by ingesting or inhaling the chemical, eating paraquat-contaminated food, or having long-term skin contact with it.

Those at high risk of paraquat exposure in California include:

  • Agricultural workers
  • Farmers and farmworkers
  • Farm residents
  • People who live or work near farms or other places paraquat is used

Anyone who endures prolonged paraquat exposure may be more at risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

Pre-Existing Conditions that Increase the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinsons and Paraquat

Certain pre-existing conditions can actually put you at a higher risk of Parkison’s. That means anyone with these conditions who is also exposed to paraquat is at particularly high risk.

Conditions that may increase your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease include:

  • Sex. Men are more likely to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s than women.
  • Age. You’re more likely to develop Parkinson’s in the middle or late stages of life.
  • Diabetes. Studies show that people with type 2 diabetes are more likely to develop Parkinson’s.

One additional factor that can put you at higher risk of Parkinson’s is genetics. Research shows that Parkinson’s has a genetic link, which may increase a person’s risk of developing the disease. That genetic link could cause Parkinson’s, or it could lie dormant for a person’s lifetime, never actually manifesting into Parkinson’s.

However, studies also show that exposure to paraquat can ‘activate’ a person’s genetic link, causing them to develop Parkinson’s disease. Being exposed to paraquat is like flipping that genetic switch from ‘off’ to ‘on.’ If that switch hadn’t been flipped by paraquat exposure, the person wouldn’t have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

File Your Paraquat Claim in California

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