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Sexual abuse cases can be very complex in terms of emotions and legality. Our compassionate, empathetic sexual abuse lawyers fight to help survivors of sexual abuse obtain justice after their horrific trauma. Survivors of sexual abuse deserve to have their voices heard, and we are dedicated to amplifying their voices and obtaining justice and financial compensation for them.

We offer free, confidential consultations for victims of sexual abuse. We handle many types of sexual abuse cases, including:

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We will not charge you a fee unless we obtain financial compensation for you, in which case we will charge a percentage of your recovery as our fee. This fee will not be charged until we obtain a recovery for you. There is no up-front cost for our services and you will never owe us any money out of your own pocket.

California Sexual Abuse Law

Sexual abuse cases typically involve sexual battery. The assailant is not always the only defendant in sexual abuse cases. Common defendants in sexual abuse cases include organizations whose negligent behavior allowed the battery to occur. An example of negligent behavior would be a Catholic diocese learning of sexual abuse accusations against a priest, covering up the accusations and moving the priest to another geographical area, where the priest later sexually abuses a child, without warning anyone about the accusations.

Common causes of action in sexual abuse lawsuits include negligent hiring, supervision or retention of employees, breach of fiduciary duty, intentional infliction of emotional distress, endangerment and child abuse.

California recently extended the statute of limitations regarding recovering sexual abuse damages in sexual abuse lawsuits. Assembly Bill 218 now gives sexual abuse victims until age 40, or until five years from the date they discover or reasonably should discover their psychological injury or illness was caused by sexual abuse, whichever comes later, to file a sexual abuse lawsuit. The bill also allows for the recovery of up to treble damages against certain defendants, and, in some circumstances, allows for the revival of time-lapsed claims.

California Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Our lawyers have been handling sexual abuse cases since 1990. We are the battle-hardened, seasoned sexual abuse law experts. We offer free, confidential consultations with a man or a woman if you have a preference, and our representation won’t cost you a penny unless we obtain a recovery for you.

The American legal system can sometimes seem like it’s more interested in punishing sexual abusers than it is supporting the survivors of sexual abuse. Survivors need advocates like Nadrich & Cohen to work in their best interests. Call us now at (800) 718-4658 if you or a loved one is a victim of sexual assault. You might be eligible for a financial recovery.

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