Sacramento Diocese Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Catholic Diocese Of Sacramento Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

29 Diocese of Sacramento priests have been credibly accused of abuse, according to the Diocese of Sacramento. AB-218 gives childhood sexual abuse survivors until the age of 40 or five years from knowing their psychological injuries were caused by sexual abuse, whichever comes later, to file lawsuits in California.

You may be eligible for financial compensation in a Sacramento sexual abuse claim if you or a loved one was sexually abused by a Diocese of Sacramento member. We can obtain this compensation for you for free. We will only charge you if we obtain compensation for you so you will never owe us any money out of pocket.

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A List Of Diocese Of Sacramento Priests Accused Of Sexual Abuse

The Diocese of Sacramento explained why they chose to publish a list of their priests who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse:

Bishop Jaime Soto pledges to confront the past and the shameful sins and crimes of sexual abuse that were part of it. He is determined to own this past and to atone for it, and a key step to doing this is to make a thorough and public accounting of that past.

The list of priests is as follows:

Gerardo Beltran Rico, Vincent Brady, James Casey, Andrew Coffey, Malachy Conway, Hector Coria, John Crowley, Rodolfo Delgado, Michael Dermody, Thomas Dermody, William Feeser, Oscar Figueroa, Francisco Javier Garcia, John Hannan, David Hernandez Cota, Francisco Hernandez-Tovar, William Hold, Michael Lynch, James Mennis, Vito Mistretta, Jorge Moreno, Cornelius F. O’Connor, Uriel Ojeda, Jose Antonio Pinal Castellanos, William Storan, Simon Twomey, Jose Urbina, Murrough Wallace, Michael Walsh

Disclaimer: The above is a list of priests with allegations against them. Allegations and accusations do not define guilt under U.S. law. Those accused of crimes in criminal or civil court in the U.S. are innocent until proven guilty, and the above list doesn’t imply any civil liability or criminal guilt. It is merely a list of those publicly accused of abuse.

How Nadrich & Cohen Will Obtain Compensation And Justice For You

Our attorneys have decades of experience in helping victims of sexual assault. We have a proven track record of helping these victims obtain justice and financial recoveries.

We have a plan to obtain justice and compensation for you, a plan which is informed by our decades of experience. We will file a claim against the Diocese of Sacramento for you, proving that they are liable for damages based on:


Negligence is basically defined by CACI No. 401 as not using reasonable care in order to prevent harm from occurring. Acting and failing to act can both be negligence. Doing something a reasonably careful person wouldn’t is negligence. Failing to do something a reasonably careful person would do is negligence.

California mandates that children are owed an additional duty of care under CACI No. 412. Adults in California need to be more careful with children than they are when dealing with adults.

The San Bernardino diocese has a duty to use reasonable care when they hire, supervise and retain priests. The diocese has a duty to protect children from being harmed by priests.

We will prove that the diocese’s hiring, supervision and retaining of a priest was negligent. We will prove the diocese allowed a priest to be around kids without supervision and that this was negligence. We will prove that sexual abuse happened because of the diocese’s negligence.

Negligent Failure To Warn, Train Or Educate Plaintiff

Juarez v. Boy Scouts of America, Inc. established that organizations such as the Boy Scouts, in California, have a duty to warn, train or educate plaintiffs about any risk of sexual abuse that their employees or volunteers pose as well as how to avoid or minimize any sexual abuse risk.

We will prove that the San Bernardino diocese failed to warn victims of sexual abuse about the risk their priests posed to children. We will prove that the diocese failed to train or educate victims regarding how to avoid or minimize the risk of sexual abuse at the hands of their priests.

Negligent Hiring And Retention

CACI No. 426 defines what constitutes negligence with regards to the hiring, supervision or retention of California employees. Employers are negligent if they know or should know an employee is unfit or incompetent, a risk is created by this unfitness or incompetence, they retain, supervise or hire the employee regardless and someone is harmed because of this decision.

We will prove that the diocese had a duty not to hire and retain a priest because of the dangers posed by the priest which the diocese knew or should have known about. We will prove that this duty was not upheld, and that sexual abuse occurred because of this failure to uphold a duty.

Negligent Supervision And Failure To Warn Plaintiff

This cause of action will involve CACI No. 426 as well. We will prove that the diocese committed negligent supervision when they allowed a priest to be alone with a child. We will prove that reasonable care was not exercised when the diocese investigated their priest. We will prove the diocese failed to warn others about their priest’s dangerous tendencies. We will prove that sexual abuse occurred because of the diocese’s negligence in these regards.

Sexual Battery

California Civ. Code §1708.5 says that sexual battery is “harmful or offensive contact” involving intimate parts. We will attempt to recover financial compensation based on this California civil code.

Sacramento Diocese Allegedly Helped Accused Priest Find Work In Mexico

A lawsuit claims that the Sacramento diocese helped one of its priests find work at a parish in Mexico after being accused of sexual abuse in Northern California in the 1980s. The lawsuit indicates that former Bishop Francis A. Quinn approved Jose Antonio Pinal Castellanos’ request to start working in Mexico. Castellanos had been accused of sexual abuse by four boys, the lawsuit says.

The man filing the lawsuit claimed Castellanos once asked his parents if he wanted to go to Mexico and he said no, having already been sodomized and molested a couple of times before this, but his parents made him go, not being aware of the prior abuse.

Catholic Diocese Of Sacramento Sexual Abuse Lawyers

We have been specializing in sexual abuse cases for decades. We have been handling cases such as Boy Scout cases since 1990 and have recovered over $350,000,000 for our clients in that time.

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