Ohio State Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

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Dr. Richard Strauss sexually abused at least 177 male students at Ohio State University over a period of almost 20 years, according to an investigative report. The report illustrates a long history of Ohio State employees being aware of sexual abuse allegations against Dr. Strauss as early as 1979. Dr. Strauss was placed on administrative leave in 1996. The University chose to turn a blind eye to reports of abuse over the last forty years.

If you were molested or sexually abused by Dr. Richard Strauss, you may be entitled to a financial recovery. We understand that compensation can never make you whole, but the compensation award also sends a message to Ohio State officials that this should never have occurred on their watch.

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Dr. Richard Strauss Sexual Abuse

Ohio State Staff Ignored Reports Of Abuse For Decades

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Dr. Strauss was finally placed on administrative leave in 1996 after fondling a student’s genitals. The student demanded his medical file from the doctor’s receptionist, demanding that his records be erased from their computer. He then yelled into the waiting room, warning all of the students there to leave the doctor’s office immediately.

The student then encountered Dr. Strauss, struck his culture specimen out of the doctor’s hands, grabbed his chart from the doctor and ripped it into pieces. However, this was hardly the first time Ohio state employees were made aware of the doctor’s behavior:

  • Employees in the athletics department and sports medicine program at Ohio State knew as early as 1979 that Dr. Strauss conducted extended genital examinations on male athletes, refusing to allow the presence of athletic training staff during the examinations.
  • A student told an Ohio State athletic trainer in the mid-80’s that he lost consciousness after Dr. Strauss gave him an injection before stitching up his head wound. The student’s pants were unbuttoned and the doctor was rubbing his thigh when he woke up. When told of the incident, the athletic trainer replied, “That’s just the way Dr. Strauss is.”
  • Documentation exists showing that Dr. Bob Murphy, the Ohio State football team’s head physician for 41 years, was told about Dr. Strauss’s behavior on five separate occasions, but did little about the complaints.
  • Three people told investigators that they or others told Bill Davis, a former trainer and director of athletic training at Ohio State, about the behavior of Dr. Strauss, but Davis denied this to investigators.
  • Students told investigators they thought the behavior of Dr. Strauss was an “open secret.” Athletes often joked about his behavior, giving him nicknames such as “Dr. Jelly Paws.”
  • The investigative report, in total, alleges that the total number of Ohio State employees who knew about Dr. Strauss’s behavior during his tenure at Ohio State was in the dozens.

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Strauss May Have Abused Catholic High School Students As Well

The report also states that a former student told investigators that Strauss sexually abused him, as well as other students, at a Catholic high school in Columbus, Ohio. Strauss conducted a body fat study on male athletes at the high school in the early 1980s. The student says Dr. Strauss inappropriately touched his genitals during several exams. The student also claims Dr. Strauss spent two to three hours staring at athletes in the locker rooms.

A former Ohio State wrestler also claims that Dr. Strauss first abused him when he was 14 years old at Bishop Ready High School in Columbus. His abuse allegations closely match the allegations of the former Catholic high school student from Columbus.

Diocesan representatives say Dr. Strauss showered with students and would stare at them in the showers. Employees at Ohio State also knew Dr. Strauss showered with students at Ohio State, according to the report.

Dr. Richard Strauss Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

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You may be entitled to financial compensation if you or a loved one was sexually abused by Dr. Richard Strauss. Our team of sexual abuse lawsuit attorneys have extensive experience representing victims of sexual abuse. Our legal teams have successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of victims.

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