15 Passenger Van Accident Lawsuit

We are investigating 15-passenger van accidents and vehicle rollovers throughout the nation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has repeatedly stated in its written status alerts that these vans must have properly inflated tires before each trip. The vans are dangerous unless all tires are properly inflated, are correctly maintained and are not carrying too much weight.

15 Passenger Van Accident Lawsuit

To represent our client’s vehicle rollover injury claims we have put together a world class 15-passenger van litigation team including accident reconstruction experts, biomechanical engineers, trial lawyers, doctors, paralegals and nurses. We believe that 15-passenger van accidents are primarily due to the van’s inherent design flaws and design defects.

There are more than 500,000 15-passenger vans on United States roads. They are the transportation of choice for small church groups and small school groups. Unfortunately, they roll over too often at an alarming rate due to certain design flaws and design defects – this is similar to SUV Rollovers.

15 Passenger Van Accident Lawsuit

Unfortunately, for the public, 15-passenger vans have never needed to pass the same stringent government safety tests required of a normal passenger vehicle. The problem with the 15-passenger van is that when they are completely loaded, there is a shift in the center of gravity rearward and upward, which, unfortunately, increases the chance of a vehicle rollover. A shift in gravity will cause a loss of control by the driver when there is a quick steering change in direction. Further, they are designed poorly on the inside. Passengers can be ejected, not have seatbelt availability, be susceptible to impact, etc.

In a 2009 NHTSA report, it was found that fully loaded 15-passenger vans are 3 times more likely than a normal van to tip over when fully loaded.

There have, unfortunately, been too many fatal accidents involving these vans. Between 1994 and 2004, there were over 1500 fatal crashes involving 15-passenger vans. 550 of them have rolled over.

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