Coastal Fire Lawsuits

Coastal Fire Lawsuits

Nadrich & Cohen is actively retaining victims of the May 2022 Laguna Niguel fire. Southern California Edison (SCE) has already notified state utility regulators that they detected “circuit activity” around the same time that the Laguna Niguel fire started in Aliso Woods Canyon near Laguna Niguel and quickly moved uphill into a residential neighborhood. Utilities are liable under California law for damages caused by fires that they are responsible for starting.

We are representing victims of the Laguna Niguel fire on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not charge clients a fee unless and until we obtain financial recovery for them.

Nadrich & Cohen has handled countless wildfire lawsuits, including lawsuits involving the Dixie Fire, Zogg Fire, Camp Fire, Thomas Fire, Woolsey Fire and others.

You might be eligible for a financial recovery if you or a loved one had property damaged or destroyed by the Laguna Niguel fire, or was forced to evacuate by the Laguna Niguel fire. Call us today at (714) 799-1651 or text us from this page for a free consultation.

How Can I Be Compensated For The Laguna Niguel Fire?

You may be entitled to numerous kinds of compensation in a Laguna Niguel fire lawsuit depending on the unique circumstances of your situation. Our wildfire lawyers may be able to secure many types of financial compensation for you, such as compensation for:

  • The costs to evacuated
  • The cost to repair or replace your property and home
  • Belongings and personal property lost to the Laguna Niguel fire
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional distress
  • Depreciation of land value
  • Damage to underwood, trees or timber
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of business

If you have suffered any financial losses due to the Laguna Niguel fire, including the above losses, Call us today at (714) 799-1651 for a free consultation or text us from this page.

SCE’s Equipment Appears To Be Responsible For The Fire

Coastal Fire Lawsuits

20 homes have been destroyed by the Laguna Niguel fire, and an additional 11 homes have been damaged. 200 acres of land have been burned. As many as 900 homes have been evacuated. And, it appears that SCE’s equipment is likely responsible for this destruction and disruption.

SCE said in an Electric Safety Incident Report submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that it detected “circuit activity” which occurred “close in time” to the time the fire was reported – about 2:45 PM on May 11, 2022.

We believe that hundreds of Orange County residents have seen their lives upended by this fire because SCE failed to place their dangerous power lines underground or maintain their equipment properly.

It appears that the perfect conditions for a wildfire were created when SCE failed to maintain its equipment and properly clear brush from its equipment. It appears the Laguna Niguel fire would not have occurred had SCE used reasonable care to inspect, maintain and repair its overhead lines, maintain its electrical equipment properly, and trim vegetation away from its power lines as required by industry standards and law.

Instead, it appears SCE negligently and knowingly failed to exercise reasonable care, creating the perfect conditions for a wildfire when combined with the dry vegetation and drought conditions SCE knew were present near Laguna Niguel.

How Much Do Wildfire Lawyers Cost?

We are contingency fee lawyers. This means that we will not charge a fee to represent you against SCE until and unless we obtain a financial recovery for you. In other words, we don’t charge a fee if we don’t win your case in court or obtain a settlement for you out of court.

The only fee we charge is a percentage of any recovery we obtain for you. This fee is not charged if no recovery is obtained. Thus, you will never owe us even a dime out of your own pocket, so you have nothing to lose by calling us at (714) 799-1651 if you suffered property damage, evacuation costs or other damages due to the Laguna Niguel fire.

Do I Need A Wildfire Lawyer?

Coastal Fire Lawsuits

You need experienced wildfire lawyers like Nadrich & Cohen by your side if you want to obtain every penny you’re entitled to under California law for your Laguna Niguel fire losses.

Typically, the alternative for wildfire victims to hiring a lawyer is waiting for a utility company to set up a fund/program for compensating wildfire victims. However, these funds typically offer wildfire victims a fraction of what they would obtain by filing a lawsuit, and often don’t compensate wildfire victims for many specific losses.

For example, PG&E recently launched a program to compensate Dixie Fire victims for their losses, but the program doesn’t compensate victims for evacuation costs or the full value of their property losses.

Your other alternative to hiring a lawyer would be taking on Edison’s expensive lawyers in court by yourself without a lawyer, which is inadvisable. You cannot possibly win against Edison’s expensive lawyers in court unless you have lawyers with vast experience handling California wildfires like Nadrich & Cohen representing you.

We have been filing lawsuits in California since 1990 and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients in that time. We know the ins and outs of the California legal system, so we know what needs to be done to fight for you and your right to recover every penny you are entitled to for your Laguna Niguel fire losses under California law.

Call us today at (714) 799-1651 if you or a loved one has suffered property damage, evacuation costs or other financial losses due to the Laguna Niguel fire. You may be entitled to financial compensation in a Laguna Niguel fire lawsuit against SCE.