Fly Fire Claims Against PG&E

Fire in the forest - Fly Fire claims against PG&E

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has told regulators that its equipment may have started the Fly Fire on July 22, 2021 in Plumas County, near Quincy. The Fly Fire has since merged with the Dixie Fire, which PG&E has also acknowledged may have been started by its equipment.

California law allows those whose property is damaged or destroyed by fires started by utilities such as PG&E to recover financial compensation from the utilities responsible. Call our Fly Fire lawyers today at (530) 479-3121 for a free Fly Fire lawsuit consultation if you’ve suffered losses or injuries due to the Fly Fire or Dixie Fire.

What Caused The Fly Fire?

A PG&E power line near Quincy reported alarms between 3 and 4 PM on July 22, and part of it was de-energized at this time, according to the utility. Smoke coming from the area was seen on wildfire cameras around an hour later.

The U.S. Forest Service, along with utility workers, removed a tree which was resting on PG&E power lines in the area on August 2. The white fir tree had burn marks where it may have contacted the power lines.

The section of power lines in question had been inspected on July 6, according to a court filing, but the tree in question was not identified for trimming or removal.

Can I File A Fly Fire Lawsuit?

Yes. If you’ve suffered property damage or injuries due to the Fly Fire (or Dixie Fire, which it has merged with), the Fly Fire attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen can file a lawsuit against PG&E on your behalf, thanks to several California laws.

California laws require specific distances to be kept between power lines and vegetation, depending on the specifications of the lines. California laws also hold utilities responsible for damages caused by their failure to obey the law, and hold anyone who lets a fire negligently escape onto someone else’s property liable for damages it causes to that property.

California’s own constitution also allows us to pursue a Fly Fire lawsuit on your behalf, since it mandates that fair compensation is paid to the owners of property which is damaged for public use. California courts have ruled that this applies to fires started by public and private utilities.

Fly Fire Lawsuits

What Can I Be Compensated For In A Fly Fire Lawsuit?

A Fly Fire lawsuit can compensate you for the costs to replace or repair property, as well as the value of belongings lost in the fire. Evacuation costs, lost wages, lost earning capacity, medical bills, and funeral/burial expenses can also be covered by a Fly Fire lawsuit.

You or a loved one may have suffered emotional distress, depreciation of land value, crop losses, livestock losses, pet losses, business losses, business interruption, injury or death due to the Fly Fire. The California wildfire lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen can help recover compensation for any of these losses by filing a lawsuit against PG&E in connection with the Fly Fire.

What Does It Cost To Hire Nadrich & Cohen?

It costs nothing to hire us. We only charge a percentage of any Fly Fire lawsuit recovery obtained. We don’t charge a fee if we don’t obtain a recovery.

Fly Fire Lawyers

Nadrich & Cohen is currently representing thousands of California wildfire victims in lawsuits against utilities, including Dixie Fire and Zogg Fire lawsuits which also claim that fires started when negligently managed trees fell onto PG&E’s power lines.

Call our fire lawyers today at (530) 479-3121 for a free consultation. You may be eligible for financial compensation for your Fly Fire losses in a lawsuit against PG&E.