Business Interruption Insurance Claim Denial


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to business shutdowns throughout California causing tens of thousands of businesses to close down. Many businesses purchased Business Interruption Insurance for unforeseen closure situations just like this event. Predictably, insurance companies have denied all of these claims forcing insureds to file lawsuits. We are currently investigating and representing Business Insurance Interruption claims on a contingency fee throughout California. This means we don’t get paid until you do.


Every Business Interruption Policy is individual and unique to your business. We will need to see the insurance policy to see if you could be covered for COVID-19 related losses. Our position is there is coverage because the virus and the state mandated shutdown is a “physical disruption” and therefore not excluded under most policies.  It all depends upon the wording of your insurance policy to determine if coverage is included or excluded.

We need to analyze the policy to see if you have a case. We have expert insurance lawyers ready to review. If we accept your claim it will be on a contingency basis. Each claim is decided on the language of the specific policy. 

We know the insurance industry are denying these claims on a wholesale basis. If you have been denied, or, if you seek to make a claim you will need us to make sure you are successful.  We have insurance experts standing ready to analyze and if acceptable, we will take your claim.


Nadrich & Cohen is handling Business Insurance claims on a contingency basis. For over 30 years Nadrich & Cohen has represented clients and their families in personal injury, mass tort, dangerous products and business matters throughout California. We have six California offices and 12 additional meeting locations. We can handle any Business Interruption claim anywhere in California.

We are investigating Business Interruption Claims of businesses that have insurance – General Comprehensive Liability. Businesses must be taken care of: after all, they pay monthly premiums in order to obtain assistance during times of need. If you suffered a business interruption (i.e. from the statewide shutdown) you may have a claim for interruption of business on your business insurance policy. No two insurance policies are the same so it is important for you to contact us so one of our insurance lawyers can review your policy. We believe many will have a claim because it is the government that ordered businesses to shut down. We are reviewing policies of restaurants, bars, retail stores, movie theaters, gyms, funeral homes, etc.., to determine if their insurance is responsible for a business loss claim. If this happened to you please contact us for a free, confidential case review at 1-800-718-4658. If we accept your case it will be on a contingency basis. There is no charge unless we obtain a recovery.

Insurance companies are rejecting claims filed by restaurants, bars, and similar type businesses who are seeking business interruption coverage. We believe they will reject all claims until the courts determine whether or not business interruption insurance applies for the COVID-19 pandemic. We expect to be in the vanguard for plaintiffs throughout California fighting insurance companies on these issues.

Many insurance companies have a virus exclusion which states they will not pay for loss or damage caused by or resulting from any virus, bacterium, or other microorganisms that induces or is capable of inducing physical illness or disease. Unfortunately, for the insurance companies, that is not the reason why restaurants are shut down – they were shut down by government action. The insurance companies should not be able to avoid paying business interruption policies. We believe that this is the trigger event of these policies and therefore coverage is the loss of use of the business which was shut down by the government.


It is important for you to contact us and send us your insurance policy for our expert insurance lawyers review: Further, not all insurance policies have a virus exclusion. Remember, insurance companies summarily deny business interruption coverage claims for anything related to COVID-19.

We and our insurance partners are ready to review your business interruption claim to see if you have a claim. We are representing a wide variety of business owners – from bowling alleys to mortuaries to medical professionals to restaurants, business owners, management companies, etc.


Profits that would have been earned, based on prior months’ financial statements.

Fixed costs like operating expenses: based on historical costs.

Moving expenses if the business must be moved to a temporary location.

Commission and training costs for operator of machinery replaced by the insurer.

Reimbursement For Reasonable Expenses beyond fixed costs.

Civil Authority Coverage includes revenue loss when a government authority ordering business closure.

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