Carnival Cruise COVID Lawsuit

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We are representing the families of passengers who while on a Princess or Carnival Cruise ship contracted the Corona Virus and died. Carnival Corporation is the parent company of Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruises, Costa Cruses and others. Princess knew in mid-February that some passengers from a prior cruise had contracted the coronavirus virus. Yet Princess purposefully did not inform the next group of embarking passengers of the virus. The passengers and crew members who were on the next cruise were never notified that passengers on the prior cruse had contracted COVID-19 while on the ship. Only on February 25th, after the cruise began did Princess send emails to passengers to let them know they may have been exposed to COVID-19 during their cruise.

Similarly, passengers on the Diamond Princess and Costa Luminosa who contracted and died from the coronavirus should have been told that the virus had spread on each ship on a prior voyage.


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Grounds For A Lawsuit

Cruise ship operators owe their passengers a duty to make sure they aren’t exposed to unreasonable risk of harm that the operators know or should know about. Breaching a duty of care such as this is known as negligence. Negligence is failing to be reasonably careful in order to prevent harm from occurring.

Diamond Princess operators breached their duty of care to their passengers by consciously choosing to begin a voyage on March 8, 2020, despite knowing that a COVID-19 outbreak had occurred on the ship’s prior voyage. The operators demonstrated they were aware of the outbreak by giving passengers vouchers to buy lunch so they could delay the voyage by six hours in order to disinfect the ship before departing.

The operators also breached this duty of care by lacking proper screening protocols for COVID-19 prior to boarding passengers on the March 8 voyage, by failing to quarantine any passengers once it became apparent that COVID-19 was spreading during the March 8 voyage, by failing to notify passengers of the outbreak until the ship returned to Australia, and by failing to warn passengers about potential COVID-19 exposure before boarding the ship and during the cruise.

The operators of the ship didn’t just display negligence through their actions, they displayed gross negligence, showing a complete lack of care. They knew how dangerous it was to expose passengers to COVID-19 based on prior experience, yet departed on March 8 anyways, a decision representing an extreme departure from what a reasonably careful cruise line would do.

The ship operators also engaged in an extreme departure of what a reasonably careful cruise line would do, given many of the passengers were elderly, by failing to warn passengers of their risk of being exposed to COVID-19 prior to boarding the ship. These actions appear to be the result of placing profits over passenger safety.

Carnival Cruise COVID Lawyers

Princess, Costa and Carnival should have told their new passengers before the trip started about the known presence of coronavirus on the ship. They did not. The cruise lines are therefore liable for the wrongful death of any passenger who contracted the virus.  If this happened to your family please contact us at 1-800-718-4658 and ask for Jeffrey Nadrich or Jennifer Poole.

We are representing victims families who became infected and died on the Grand Princess, the Costa Luminosa, the Diamond Princess as well as other Carnival and Princess cruise ships.

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