COVID-19 Nursing Home Death Lawsuits In California

Seeking Justice for Preventable Coronavirus Deaths

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The first report of a coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak at a nursing care facility was reported on March 1, 2020. The outbreak was reported in Washington State and is believed to be the first coronavirus outbreak at a nursing care or rehab facility.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the most common settings for COVID-19 outbreaks are residential care facilities and restaurants.

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Are Nursing Facilities Liable For Patient’s Contracting Coronavirus?

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Any operating business such as a nursing home has the responsibility to make certain that its employees do not infect patients and residents. It is imperative that there is a system in place where workers are trained not to expose patients or passengers with virus symptoms.

There are also specific nursing home rules called infection control program protocols that the federal government requires. Such protocols are “designed to provide a safe, sanitary, and comfortable environment and to help prevent the development and transmission of disease and infection.” Often times, when an infection infraction occurs the nursing home does not so state in the required infection report logs what measures are being taken to prevent future infections or subsequent exposures. This is reckless and sadly and has caused COVID-19 to be transmitted to countless patients.

This infection control program must:

• Investigate, prevent and control infections in the nursing home.

• Decide what procedures, such as isolation, should be applied to individual residents.

• Maintain a record of corrective actions and incidents related to infections.

The infection control program must also prevent the spread of infection by:

• Prohibiting employees with communicable diseases or infected skin lesions from direct contact with residents or their food if direct contact will lead to disease transmission.

• Requiring staff to wash their hands after every direct contact with residents when accepted professional practice dictates.

• Isolating a resident when it is determined a resident requires isolation to prevent the spread of infection.

The infection control program must also include personnel handling, processing, storing and transporting linens so as to prevent infection spread.

Nursing homes can be held liable for coronavirus infections and other types of infections when they result from a failure to adhere to the above requirements. Unfortunately, we have seen over the years that nursing homes often suffer from problems which prevent them from properly following the above requirements:

• Not all nursing home staff are adequately trained on proper procedures for preventing infection.

• Nursing homes are often understaffed and their staffs are often overworked, leading to corners being cut.

• Some sections of the infection control program requirements are enforced and some sections are not.

It is negligence for which we will hold the nursing homes liable when infections occur due to an employee. Nursing homes can be held liable for medical bills, the costs of added care, pain and even death resulting from this negligence.

Damages We Can Recover

We will seek and obtain physical and emotional pain and suffering, medical, and, if appropriate, wrongful death damages.

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California Lawyers Handling Coronavirus Cases

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