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The interstitial cystitis medication Elmiron (pentosan polysulfate sodium, or PPS) has been linked to a unique progressive eye disease by recent research. This disease causes progressive worsening of eyesight. Call us today at 1-800-718-4658 for a free consultation if you or a loved one was diagnosed with progressive eye disease after taking Elmiron. You may be eligible for a financial recovery. We are contingency fee attorneys so you will never owe us any money out of your own pocket.

Progressive Eye Disease

The Emory Eye Center in Atlanta, GA discovered a new progressive eye disease in six patients from 2015 to 2018. They poured through the patients’ histories and found that all six patients had taken Elmiron. They later published their findings in the Journal of Ophthalmology.

This progressive eye disease can involve the following symptoms:

  • Trouble reading
  • Trouble seeing in dim lighting
  • Blurry vision, often in the center of the vision field
  • Dark spots in the center of the vision field
  • Straight lines can appear curved
  • Less saturated colors

Other researchers have since confirmed the disease and its link to Elmiron, including the IC Network, Harvard Medical School and doctors at Kaiser Oakland. Harvard Medical School even found that the disease could progress in patients long after the patients stop taking Elmiron, having treated a patient whose disease was still progressing six years after she stopped taking the drug.

The FDA has since announced labeling changes for Elmiron which warn of pigmentary changes in the retina.

Dangerous Drug Liability In California

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Drug manufacturers can be held strictly liable for damages caused by their drugs in California, even in the absence of negligence. There are three general categories of strict liability for drug-related damages in California:

Defective design: Drugs with design defects are made correctly according to the manufacturing specifications. However, the design makes the drug unreasonably dangerous or the drug fails to perform as expected when used as intended.

Failure to warn consumers: This is when drugs which are designed and manufactured correctly lack adequate warnings or instructions on the package and when this lack of warning or instruction makes the drug dangerous to the consumer. Emory published their Elmiron findings in 2018, so Elmiron’s manufacturer may be able to be held liable for failure to warn since Elmiron’s label lacks a warning about progressive eye disease.

Defects in manufacturing: This is when a drug is designed correctly but manufactured incorrectly and the incorrect manufacturing makes the medication unsafe to the consumer.

Other parties than the drug’s manufacturer can be held liable for damages caused by a drug in California as well. They include:

Testing labs: All drugs must undergo testing in order to be approved by the FDA. Dangerous drugs can end up in the marketplace when testing is done improperly or involves result falsification or fraudulent practices, and when these things happen the testing lab can be held liable for damages.

Sales reps for pharmaceutical companies: Sales representatives for pharmaceutical companies can be held liable for damages caused by the drugs they recommend, especially if they knew or should have known about the drugs’ potential to cause said damages.

Healthcare providers: Doctors, hospitals and clinics can be held liable for damages caused by dangerous drugs when they fail to warn about side effects, provide inaccurate or insufficient information to patients about side effects or provide inadequate instructions regarding drug usage.

Pharmacies: Pharmacies can be held liable for damages caused by dangerous drugs when they provide the wrong medication, the wrong dosage or inadequate counseling regarding drug usage.

Elmiron Lawyers

Our battle-tested, aggressive attorneys have been representing victims of drug-induced vision loss for decades, having successfully recovered millions of dollars for victims (including a $14,250,000 settlement) of drug-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a syndrome which can cause vision loss. This experience means that we know vision loss cases inside-out like the backs of our hands.

A case management order, on March 29th, stated that, as of March 10th, 2021, 196 Elmiron claims have already been filed, with 171 pending in federal multidistrict litigation, and 25 more filed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey state courts.

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Call us today at 1-800-718-4658 for a free consultation if you or a loved one was diagnosed with progressive eye disease after taking Elmiron. You can also fill out the “Do I Have A Claim?” form on the right, chat with one of our live chat specialists or email us at info@personalinjurylawcal.com.