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The Riverside personal injury law firm of Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers is experienced, aggressive and successful. We can get you to the best doctors and get you a rental car if you need one. Our Riverside Law Office is conveniently located at 6809 Indiana Avenue, Suite 144.

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People can teach themselves to do a lot of things these days thanks to the internet. You may think you can teach yourself to file a successful personal injury claim and get the compensation you deserve from the insurance companies, but you’d be wrong to think this.

You could teach yourself to do this flawlessly, get absolutely everything right when it comes to filing your claim, and the insurance companies still wouldn’t pay you what you deserve. Why? Because they don’t have to, as they know you can’t take them to court over a low-ball offer and win if you don’t have strong, experienced personal injury lawyers like Nadrich & Cohen at your side.

Having Nadrich & Cohen at your side sends a strong message to insurance companies: I will take you to court if you don’t offer me what I deserve, and I will win in court because I’ve hired Nadrich & Cohen. We’ve recovered over half a billion dollars for clients since 1990, so our long, consistent track record speaks for itself when insurance companies see our name on a demand letter. Virtually all of our cases settle out of court because insurance companies respect and fear our ability to beat them in court.

In addition, insurance companies train their adjusters to manipulate you into saying things they can use to pay you less or deny you payment altogether. It is therefore vital that you hire lawyers to deal with the insurance companies for you. It is very easy to accidentally say something they can twist the meaning of in order to claim your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim, or that your injuries were caused by something other than your accident, or that you actually caused your own accident. We know all of their tricks and will never fall for them.

Our car, motorcycle, bicycle, truck, dog bite and personal injury lawyers will get you the maximum recovery. If you or your loved one had a personal injury, our Riverside personal injury attorneys have the financial resources to obtain for you the highest recovery against any responsible party. When you hire our accident law firm, you get highly experienced automobile accident attorneys, personal injury lawyers, paralegals, and investigators. When you need a personal injury lawyer, call on the law firm with the best resources to fight for you. Call us today for your confidential consultation at (951) 683-8188.

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Nadrich & Cohen’s Riverside personal injury law firm has an automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, dog bite and personal injury lawyers who have tremendous success and are ready to help you with any:

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Trust our Riverside personal injury attorneys to be on top of every issue of your case. Very few accident law firms have our resources at their disposal, beginning with the track record of our experienced automobile accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers. Choose this moment to call us to put Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers in charge of your case. We will get you everything you deserve. Call us for your free consultation.

Not all Riverside personal injury law firms offer equal quality representation. In a case involving personal injury, the Riverside law office of Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers will obtain an excellent settlement.