Dixie Fire: What Property Loss Can Be Claimed?

Dixie Fire: What Property Loss Can Be Claimed?

The Dixie Fire burned land in Butte, Plumas, Shasta, Tehama, and Lassen counties from July 13, 2021, to October 25, 2021, destroying over 1,000 buildings and causing thousands of people to be evacuated. The fire was the largest single wildfire in California’s history, and the first known fire to burn from one side of the Sierra Nevada to the other.

A CAL FIRE investigation determined that the Dixie Fire was caused by a tree falling on power lines owned and operated by PG&E.

Under what’s known as inverse condemnation, California law allows those who have had property damaged by wildfires to recover financial damages from any party responsible for starting a wildfire.

With that in mind, if you’ve suffered from property damage due to the Dixie Fire, you may be wondering what property loss can be claimed in a lawsuit against PG&E.

Dixie Fire: What Property Loss Can Be Claimed?

There are many different damages you may claim in a Dixie Fire lawsuit against PG&E. Our experienced California wildfire lawyers may be able to help you obtain financial compensation for numerous losses, including:

• The costs to evacuate
• Structure loss
• Home loss
• Loss of vehicles, boats, or RVs
• Damage to trees or timber
• Damage to animals or pets
• Farm and ranch losses such as barns, stables, or corrals
• Loss of rental units or the ability to rent property due to the fire
• Vegetation loss
• Erosion
• Property damage
• Personal property lost to the fire
• Landscaping damage
• Infrastructure damage
• Soot and ash damage
• Smoke damage
• Loss of agriculture
• Burns
• Wage loss
• Medical expenses
• Hospitalization
• Long-term health effects
• Personal injury
• Psychological impact
• Economic loss
• Business interruption
• Business loss
• Depreciation of land value
• Underinsured property
• Housing market impacts
• Interruptions to utilities and other services

How Did the Dixie Fire Start?

The Dixie Fire started when a tree fell onto PG&E’s power lines, according to a CAL FIRE investigation. Those who have suffered financial losses due to a fire started by a utility are eligible under California law to receive financial compensation for their losses from the utility.

Lawsuits allege that PG&E’s power lines started the Dixie Fire because PG&E negligently failed to adequately maintain their power lines and the vegetation surrounding them.

Is PG&E Responsible For The Dixie Fire?

PG&E is responsible for the Dixie Fire since CAL FIRE determined it was PG&E’s power lines that started the fire.

How Big Was the Dixie Fire?

The Dixie Fire burned 963,309 acres of land, or 1,505 square miles of land, in Northern California in 2021.

How Many Structures Burned in the Dixie Fire?

The Dixie Fire destroyed 1,329 buildings and damaged another 95 buildings.

Did the Dixie Fire Burn Chester?

The town of Chester was spared by the Dixie Fire, which burned very close to the borders of Chester.

Is the Dixie Fire the Largest Fire in California History?

The Dixie Fire was the largest single fire in California history and the second-largest fire overall in the history of the state. The August Complex fire of 2020, which started out as 38 separate fires that were sparked by lightning, was the largest fire in California history.

Was the Dixie Fire Arson?

Arson was not the cause of the Dixie Fire. CAL FIRE found that a tree fell onto PG&E power lines, sparking the Dixie Fire.

When Will PG&E Pay Fire Victims?

PG&E has set up a website where Dixie Fire victims can submit a claim for Dixie Fire damages. However, this recovery program by PG&E appears to be an attempt by PG&E to get away with paying Dixie Fire victims much less money than they are actually entitled to under California law.

In particular, PG&E’s recovery program won’t pay Dixie Fire victims for evacuation costs or for the full value of their property damage or property loss. And if you take part in their program, you are barred from seeking further compensation from PG&E through a lawsuit.

The only way to recover every penny you are entitled to under California law is by filing a Dixie Fire lawsuit against PG&E. We can help you get started on filing a Dixie Fire lawsuit against PG&E so that you can recover financial compensation for all your losses, not just the losses PG&E wants to pay you for.

Dixie Fire Lawyers

Nadrich & Cohen is currently handling thousands of California wildfire lawsuits, including lawsuits against PG&E relating to the Kincade Fire, Zogg Fire, and Camp Fire. We are experienced in handling California wildfire cases against PG&E and know exactly how to hold them responsible for their actions and recover every penny you’re entitled to from them under California law.

Call us or contact us online today for a free consultation if you or a loved one suffered evacuation costs or property damage due to the Dixie Fire. We are representing Dixie Fire clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning we will not charge you a fee unless and until we obtain a financial recovery for you.

Our experienced, expert California wildfire lawyers can help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve for your losses and hold PG&E accountable for its actions.