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Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyers

Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyers

The Sacramento personal injury attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers have helped plaintiffs recover hundreds of millions of dollars in damages since 1990.

California law allows those injured due to someone else’s negligence to recover financial compensation for physical and emotional injuries. This financial compensation can help pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering and more.

Every personal injury case is unique. We examine all of the evidence to compile the most convincing case possible to present to insurance companies and/or juries.

We handle many types of personal injury cases, including but not limited to:

Sacramento is California’s capital. It is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Its tech and startup injuries, as well as its political infrastructure, have grown a lot in recent years.

The city is centrally located in northern California, with locations such as UC Davis Medical Center and numerous, large suburbs. The city, located near the Sacramento and American rivers, attracts those who seek a balance between recreational activities, nature activities and an urban experience.

The city is the fifth largest in the state. Car accident rates have grown because the major trucking routes of I-5, I-80 and Highway 99 all run through the city.

Call us today at (916) 443-5486, or text us from this page, if you or a loved one has been injured due to somebody else’s negligence. You may be eligible for financial compensation, and we do not charge a fee unless and until we win your case.

Do I Need A Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer?

You need a Sacramento personal injury attorney like the lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen if you’ve been injured in an accident, the accident was at least partially someone else’s fault, and you have suffered an injury that is more serious than minor cuts and bruises.

You need a Sacramento personal injury lawyer to handle your injury claim for the following reasons:

1. Insurance Companies Are Trained To Manipulate You

Most financial compensation in personal injury cases is paid by insurance companies. You are entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and injury-related damages under California law if your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence. However, the insurance company representing the party at fault for your injuries does not want to pay you what you are legally entitled to. The insurance company prioritizes their own profits over your well being, and they will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible or avoid paying you at all.

Because insurance companies don’t want to pay injury victims what they’re entitled to under the law, they train their adjusters to manipulate injury victims by:

  • Quickly offering them low-ball offers after an accident. These offers almost always represent only a fraction of what an injury victim is actually entitled to under the law. These offers are made in the hopes that an injury victim, unable to work, with medical bills piling up, will accept the offer out of desperation.
  • Intentionally delaying the claims process in the hopes that the injury victim gives up or fails to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires.
  • Tricking them into accidentally saying things that imply their own fault for their injuries, or tricking them into accidentally saying things that imply their injuries aren’t as severe as they are claiming. Insurance adjusters are very good at this. They can get you to technically admit fault for an accident that you weren’t actually at fault for. Once an insurance adjuster gets you to say something that implies you caused your accident or your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim, this lets the insurance company pay you less money than you deserve or pay you nothing at all.

The experienced, expert personal injury lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen have been dealing with insurance companies on behalf of injury victims for over 30 years. We know every insurance trick in the book and we know how to handle these tricks.

We negotiate with insurance companies to get the largest possible recovery for our clients, and we know when an offer is presented by an insurance company if that offer represents what our clients are legally entitled to or not.

We gather evidence for our clients to build a compelling case and, if necessary, file lawsuits on behalf of our clients before the statute of limitations expires.

We handle all communications with insurance companies for our clients so our clients don’t need to worry about accidentally incriminating themselves while on the phone with an insurance company. In fact, we handle every step of the injury claim process for our clients so all our clients have to do is focus on recovering from their injuries.

2. Insurance Companies Won’t Respect You If You Don’t Have A Lawyer

Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyers

Insurance companies don’t want to pay you what you’re legally entitled to for your injuries, and if you’re not represented by a lawyer, they know they don’t have to pay you what you’re entitled to.

Insurance companies tend to have a lot of money to spend: 26 property and casualty insurance companies made the 2021 Fortune 500. This means that insurance companies can afford to hire expensive corporate lawyers.

Insurance companies know that you can’t beat their expensive corporate lawyers in court if you don’t have a lawyer of your own. Because of this, insurance companies won’t respect you unless you’re represented by a lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer, they will offer you a tiny settlement offer, demonstrating their lack of respect for you, and they will dare you to take them to court over the offer, knowing you won’t win in court.

Hiring Sacramento personal injury attorneys like Nadrich & Cohen sends a strong, clear message to insurance companies: you are not messing around, you intend to recover what you are entitled to for your injuries, you will take them to court over it if need be and you will win in court.

Almost all of our cases are settled out of court. This is because we have a 30+ year long track record of success in court.

Insurance companies keep files on personal injury law firms such as Nadrich & Cohen. When insurance companies look at their files on us, they see that we have a long, consistent track record of success in court. They know that if we take them to court, we will probably win and force them to pay our clients what they’re entitled to under the law. Because of this, insurance companies almost always settle out of court with us, agreeing to pay our clients what they’re entitled to while avoiding having to pay expensive legal fees regarding a court trial.

Insurance companies will never respect you enough to offer you a fair settlement for your injuries if you don’t have a lawyer by your side. Hiring Sacramento personal injury lawyers like Nadrich & Cohen gives you the best chance of recovering every penny you’re entitled to for your injuries under California law.

How Can Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyers Help Me?

Personal injury lawyers can do many things to make sure that you receive the largest possible financial recovery for your injuries. The process of filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit is a complex, long process. This process includes many steps, including:

1. Investigating Your Claim

We will investigate your personal injury claim and let you know if you have a valid injury claim. If you do, we will then tell you what the best steps are for you to take.

2. Gathering Evidence

A successful personal injury claim or lawsuit requires that it be proven that your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, or failure to be reasonably careful to prevent harm. Evidence needs to be gathered to prove this, and we will gather this evidence for you while you focus on getting better after your injuries. Evidence we gather can include medical bills, medical reports, medical records, police reports, witness statements, police reports and more.

3. Negotiating

Insurance companies will try to make negotiating with them as difficult and frustrating as possible for you in hopes you will simply give up. You shouldn’t have to put up with this while you’re getting better after being injured, so we’ll negotiate with insurance companies for you. We’ll review any applicable policies, find out how much coverage is available for you, and negotiate to get every penny we can to compensate you for your injuries.

4. Sending Demand Letters

We will send a demand letter to the insurance company on your behalf once we have thoroughly investigated your claim. This letter will cover the circumstances of your injuries and thoroughly document each and every form of damages that you’re entitled to compensation for under California law.

5. Preparing And Filing A Complaint

We will prepare and file a complaint against the defendant if their insurance company won’t offer you a fair settlement. The complaint will provide a compelling case for why the defendant’s negligence is responsible for your injuries as well as document exactly what financial compensation you are seeking.

6. The Discovery Process

After a complaint is filed, we will conduct depositions of experts, defendants and witnesses, as well as request vital documents from any and all involved, relevant parties. We will do these things to gather critical evidence for your case.

7. Trial

While most personal injury claims are settled out of court, we will represent you in court if the insurance company stubbornly refuses to pay you what you deserve for your injuries. We can ensure that any customs and procedures in court are followed correctly.

What Can I Be Compensated For In A Personal Injury Case?

Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyers

You may be entitled to financial compensation for many types of damages in a personal injury case, including:

Medical bills: You may receive financial compensation to repay what you’ve already spent on medical care as well as the estimated cost of necessary future medical care. We will work with experts such as accountants, doctors and actuaries to find out what your future medical needs will be and how much they’ll cost.

Lost income: You may receive financial compensation for any salary or wages lost due to your injuries. This may include time taken off from work, reduced wages if you had to change jobs because of your injuries, or a loss of earning capacity, meaning the difference between what you would have earned in the future had you not been injured and what you are estimated to actually earn after your injuries.

Property damage: Many personal injury cases involve car accidents, and in these cases you’re entitled to the cost of repairing or replacing your car.

Loss of enjoyment of life: Being injured can prevent you from enjoying activities such as sports, playing instruments, playing with your children or walking your dog. You can be financially compensated for the loss of enjoyment of life resulting from the inability to do these activities.

Emotional distress: You may be financially compensated for the non-physical effects of your injuries, such anxiety, fear, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disturbances and more.

Loss of consortium: If a loved one is injured in an accident and the injuries caused a loss of ability to provide love, companionship, affection, sexual benefits of a relationship, comfort, child-rearing or participation in household responsibilities, you may be financially compensated for loss of consortium.

How Much Do Sacramento Personal Injury Attorneys Cost?

Nadrich & Cohen, like most personal injury lawyers, are contingency fee lawyers. This means that we do not charge a fee for our services until and unless we obtain a financial recovery for you.

Our only fee is a percentage of any recovery we obtain for you. This fee is not charged if we do not obtain a recovery for you. You will never owe us a single penny out of your own pocket for our representation, so you have nothing to lose by calling us at (916) 443-5486 or texting us from this page for a free consultation.