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If the unfortunate event an auto accident or any other type of personal injury strikes you or your family, you should be prepared with the best resources on your side to have the highest probability for a full and speedy recovery. This means not having to worry about how your family will pay for your medical bills or what you will do for transportation if your car is damaged. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can be one of the most effective tools that you and your family have access to for getting through this difficult and unexpected time. Find out how the Los Angeles law office of Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers has been helping its many clients in these troubling situations for years.

The talented legal team at Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers has been fighting for the rights of families just like yours for three decades now. We take an aggressive stance for all of our clients because we treat them as we would our own loved ones. There is a good reason why so many clients in the Los Angeles area have contacted our firm when they are at their most vulnerable. We have the skills and resources you need to get on your way to a full recovery after experiencing a personal injury.

Most Recent Accident Settlements and Victories

$1,000,000 Settlement

A motorcyclist suffered a femur fracture after being hit by a car on Interstate 5.

Car Accidents

car accident lawyer california

Whether you are a driver, passenger or pedestrian, being involved in an auto accident can be a life-changing experience. Whether or not you have done everything possible to be a safe driver or pedestrian, there is simply no accounting for the responsibility of other drivers behind the wheel. Bad weather, darkness or an obstruction in the road can also contribute to a higher risk of car accidents.

The major roads around Los Angeles, including Interstate 405, Interstate 10 and I-5 are some of the busiest in the country. Given that more than 375,000 drivers traverse Interstate 405 alone on a daily basis, there is a high probability that a traffic accident will occur on any given day. Interstate 10 and I-5 experience similarly high numbers of daily drivers, including commuters and visitors. If you are involved in a car crash, you should speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles as quickly as possible so that you do not say or do anything to jeopardize your recovery. Without the guidance of a responsive and helpful personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, you could find yourself conceding fault or liability by accident or being strong-armed into accepting a settlement from an insurance company that is way less than what your situation calls for.

Being involved in a car crash is an extremely emotional event, which is why you should not make rash decisions in response to the situation. Calmly taking with your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will give you the chance to pause and consider all of your needs following this unexpected occurrence. Even though it might be tempting to think of the insurance company as trying to help you out, their job is to protect their bottom line and not pay out a penny more than they have to in settling a car accident claim. A seasoned personal injury attorney in Los Angeles will see through the games that an insurance company might try to play and help you to navigate the claims process effectively.

Trucking Accidents


While being involved in an auto accident is scary enough, a trucking accident has the potential to inflict more serious personal injuries and physical damage to your vehicle. Truckers have a responsibility to all other drivers on the road to make sure that their loads are safely secured and that they are driving in a prudent manner. If a trucker stays on the road for too many hours or does not follow state laws regarding the contents and placement of the load they are hauling, they could be found negligent in an accident.

After being involved in an accident with a large truck, you might find that your recovery time will take much longer and that you will have to spend an extended period away from your job. This could affect your ability to earn a living for you and your family. You may also lose your ability to perform the type of daily tasks that you always completed without a second thought. There is no reason why you should have to suffer on your own and without the medical care that you deserve after a serious trucking accident. A top-quality Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will evaluate your claim to make sure that you are not deprived of the necessary medical care for a full recovery. Without working with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, you could walk away from a life-altering trucking accident without receiving the full resources to secure the type of recovery that you and your family are depending on.

Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers has recovered more than $4 million in settlements involving trucking accidents. We are proud to have played a role in helping our clients to get their lives back together after such a traumatic event. The dedicated team of personal injury attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers continues to be motivated by protecting our clients’ rights to recover after a serious personal injury. We are able to fight so vigorously for our clients’ rights because we truly believe in each of our cases and cherish our role in the Los Angeles community as advocates for the injured.

Motorcycle Accidents 

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According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, motorcycle deaths represented about 17 percent of all fatalities involving road accidents in California in 2013. This is fairly striking when you consider that only three percent of all registered vehicle owners in the United States drive motorcycles.

There is a much greater risk involved with motorcycles on the road, and accidents involving motorcycles typically involve much more serious personal injuries than typical car accidents. A motorcycle accident can be even scarier than other motor vehicle accidents because there is little protecting the rider from the impact of another car or the road.

While motorcyclists have a responsibility to be responsible users of public roads, they often unfairly get the brunt of negative public opinion about the allegedly risky behavior that many motorcyclists are thought to engage in. There is a general misconception that lane splitting by motorcyclists is illegal in California, but this is not true as long as the motorcyclist is doing so in a safe and responsible manner.

Do not listen to or be fooled by claims by an insurance company or the driver responsible for the accident that you may have caused the wreck because of lane splitting. This is why it is so crucial to speak with a lawyer before giving official statements that could potentially limit your ability to recover what you deserve later on or place liability onto you that is not deserved. Even if you are determined to be partially at fault for a motorcycle accident, you may still be able to recover as long as the other driver was more at fault than you were. Your amount of recovery would simply be discounted by the percentage of fault ascribed to you in an accident.

Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers has recovered nearly $16 million in verdicts and settlements in cases involving motorcycle accidents. We take great pride in representing victims of these serious accidents and leverage all of our resources to get you the best chance at recovery after being injured in a motorcycle accident in California.

Bicycle Accidents 

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According to a 2017 report by the Governors Highway Safety Association, about 338 cyclists were involved in a car accident between 2010 and 2012. Unfortunately, the death toll for cyclists involved in a car accident was highest in California out of all the states. Even if you are wearing a helmet and obeying all the rules of the road, you could still find yourself injured at the hands of some driver’s negligence. Being struck by a car while on a bicycle can be extremely painful and may even result in loss of life. The team at Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers fights hard to make sure victims of these accidents get the compensation they deserve.

Dangerous Premises 

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Premises liability is a legal term that refers to a property owner’s liability for any negligent mismanagement of his or her property. That basically means that if you are injured on another person’s property, the property may be liable to you under a theory of premises liability if you were a guest and were unaware of the dangers that you encountered on the premises.

A classic example of an accident involving premises liability is if you were to slip and fall in a grocery store. As long as you were not aware of the spill or danger before falling, you may be able to recover for your injuries. The owner of the property must also owe you a duty of care in order to be held liable for your personal injuries. Many stores do not take care of dangers on their premises as quickly or effectively as they should, and this places you and other customers at risk of serious injury. Falling in a public place can result in serious bodily injuries that affect your ability to perform your job or go about your daily life.

You should not have to suffer in silence because someone failed to do their job to maintain a safe area. Consult with the team of knowledgeable personal injury lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers to find out what your options are for recovery.

Dog Bites 

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There are more than 90 million dogs across the U.S., which means that your chances of coming into contact with someone else’s dog at some point are fairly high. Even if the dog owner has never experienced a violent incident with their pet, they are not excused from liability if their dog bites another person. Even if the bite does not break the skin, you could still be at risk for infection and suffer serious pain. Be sure to go to the hospital right away to get your injuries checked out by a doctor. You should also report the attack to the proper animal control authorities.

In addition, it is important to capture pictures of the dog bite and affected areas immediately after the accident. If you encounter any difficulties with your recovery, you should also clearly document pictures showing the extent of your injuries. There are real consequences of suffering from a dog bite, and you may face a long road of recovery ahead. You should not accept any form of compensation from the dog owner or his or her insurance company before speaking with personal injury lawyers in California to determine the extent of your costs and suffering.

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