Defense Base Act Lawyers

Nadrich & Cohen is proud to be representing workers internationally who have insurance coverage under the Defense Base Act. This is for workers who were injured while working on United States government projects overseas. We have lawyers that specialize in bringing claims for injured workers under the Defense Base Act. This is a type of worker’s comp insurance for civilian employees of overseas defense contractors who contract with the federal government and are injured on the job.

The Defense Base Act covers all employees regardless of citizenship or nationality. Any worker who works for an overseas contractor who has a contract with the United States can obtain benefits under the Defense Base Act.

Defense Base Act Claim

The Defense Base Act allows for an injured worker while disabled to obtain medical benefits for all of his injuries and additional benefits. The injured worker (similar to the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act) can have the right to a scheduled award and/or payment for future loss of earnings. Total permanent disability is also available.

All government Defense Base Act contractors who contract for overseas work with the federal government are required to obtain this insurance.

If you or a loved one while a civilian was injured while working for a private company contracting with the United States government or any of its agencies please contact one of our specialists to obtain monetary benefits under the Defense Base Act.

The types of cases which Nadrich & Cohen handles throughout the country are civilian contractors/individuals who work for American companies overseas including mess hall cooks/base guards/convoy drivers, etc. These are high-risk jobs which were previously performed by soldiers.

The New York Times reports that in 2011 at least 430 employees of American contractors were killed in Afghanistan. Of these, 386 worked for the Defense Department, 43 for the United States Agency for International Development and one for the State Department. The New York Times reports that because many contractors do not comply with Defense Base Act reporting requirements the true number of private contractor deaths may be higher. The fact is American companies are underreporting civilian contractor deaths. This includes Afghani and Iraqi nationals.

Under the Federal Defense Base Act, American defense and civilian contractors are obliged to report war zone deaths and injuries of their employees, including subcontractors and foreign workers – to the Department of Labor, and to carry insurance to provide for these employees including compensation.

For foreign employees, many of the dead receive a death benefit equal to half of the employee’s salary for life. American employees receive more. Sadly, American companies do not inform an employee victim’s family that there is a lifetime annuity to which they are entitled under the Defense Base Act.

As of January 2012, there were 113,500 employees of defense contractors in Afghanistan. Most of these people are interpreters, drivers, security guards and other support personnel.

One of the largest defense contractors is L-3 Communications and its subsidiaries including Titan Corporation and NPRI Inc. Over the past 10 years, the companies have reported at least 375 workers killed and 1,790 seriously wounded or injured through the end of 2011 in Afghanistan and Iraq. Other companies that have a high number of fatalities and serious injuries include Service Employees International – with 125 dead, Dyncorp, 101 dead, Aegis, 86 dead, and Hart Group, 63 dead.

Most of the dead are foreign nationals. Some people train pilots on contract. Some people are killed by rogue Afghan soldiers. Some civilian employees are killed in helicopter crashes in Afghanistan.

We handle Fixed-wing and helicopter accidents, negligence maintenance of airplanes/helicopters, and aviation design defects among others types of aviation claims.

Our legal team has also pursued heavy equipment injury claims.

According to recent Labor Department statistics as reported by the New York Times on January 12, 2012, last year 1,777 American contractors in Afghanistan were injured or wounded seriously enough to miss more than four days of work.

Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers, is actively interviewing and investigating legitimate Defense Base Act claims throughout North America and throughout the world. If you or your loved one were injured in a war-torn country working under a civilian contractor you are entitled to benefits under the Defense Base Act. We are experts in obtaining those benefits for our clients. We are heavily involved in these cases in Washington DC, Texas, and California. We are contingency lawyers. There is no charge to you until we make a recovery. Call us today at 1-800-718-4658.