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Any fire-related claim must be filed by December 31, 2019, in order for you to share in the recently announced $13.5 billion settlement. If you have not yet made a claim for your damages from PG&E for the Wine Country, Tubbs, Ghost Ship, 2015 Butte, or the Paradise fires before December 31, 2019, you will be forever denied the ability to make a claim under the settlement.

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Serious fire in forest

LATEST UPDATE: August 19, 2019:

According to a Wall Street Journal Article in July 2019, PG&E acknowledged that it knew that its power lines were at risk of failing due to years of backlogged repairs and maintenance.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection investigators have not yet publicly concluded who caused the Tubbs fire. Tubbs was the worst of the wine country fires, killing 22 people and destroying more than 5,000 homes. Cal Fire investigators have already linked PG&E’s power lines and power transformers to the other wine country fires including the Atlas fire, the Redwood Valley fire and others.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection is still investigating by retracing the fire’s path of destruction and gathering all documentary materials to determine who started the fire. Because the width and breadth of the fire was so large it is taking a great deal of time, reports a Cal Fire spokesperson.

Issues in which fire investigators are studying are the multiple ignition points of the fire (being mapped out), a timeline, fuel types that had been burned through, the topography the fire spread across and weather conditions. Aerial drones and aerial photography have been used.

We believe that certain electrical equipment which fire investigators seized may have caused the fire and PG&E’s failure to properly trim trees near power lines caused the  limbs once lit to fall onto the equipment, further sparking the blaze.

Additionally, the power lines that were placed in the Tubbs fire area were not insulated nor placed underground. Wood poles were used for cost effective reasons which led to and contributed to the firestorms.

In three other fires, Cal Fire determined that PG&E violated various municipal and state codes concerning vegetation clearance around PG&E’s equipment. We intend on holding PG&E responsible for all of the wildfires as, at the very minimum, these fires were fueled by powerful winds which caused power lines to snap and spark the blazes, causing additional blazes at multiple angles and directions for the fire to proceed.

Our law firms have thus far filed over 200 cases on behalf of homeowners who have lost everything. We also represent numerous businesses, wineries, raw acreage (land), apartment buildings and many personal injury cases.

If you or your loved one suffered losses from the fires please contact us.  We are pursuing contingency lawsuits against PG&E. Contact us online by completing the “Do I Have A Claim?” form on this page, call us at 707-525-1188 to speak with an intake specialist, or complete the live chat on this page.

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We are representing fire victims against PG&E who we believe to be responsible for either causing or creating the conditions which allowed the Santa Rosa, North Bay, and Napa fires to become more extreme and spread over wider areas. We are actively taking cases of individual homeowners, businesses, vintners, etc., who have been burned out, suffered injury or death or had economic or business losses.

In 2015 PG&E was found negligent surrounding the cause of the Butte fire in Amador County and in 2010 PG&E was found negligent in the San Bruno pipeline explosion causing 8 deaths and 38 homes destroyed.

We are contingency lawyers, We only charge a fee if we first obtain a recovery. If we do not obtain a recovery, you owe us nothing for our time, cost and expenses.

We are actively taking cases throughout the Wine County fire area including the Santa Rosa, Napa, Tubbs, Atlas, Nuns, Pocket and Oakmont fires.

The legal team of Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers and its partners are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in proving fire cases and taking on utility companies. We have hired fire liability causation experts, weather experts to track the direction and speed of the fires, business and residential valuation experts and public adjusters if our clients need such services. We have the resources to go the distance against PG&E and any other responsible party. We will aggressively pursue fire claims and obtain full compensation for our clients. PG&E must be held responsible for their negligence.

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We plan on proving that PG&E was a significant contributing factor to the fires due to their failure to properly maintain power lines, transformers and the like. In order to protect your rights, call our hotline today at (707) 525-1188. The lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers offer a free, confidential consultation.  We will tell you immediately if we can help you. We are contingency lawyers.

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Should I Make A PG&E Fire Claim?

Utility companies, like PG&E, provide online claim forms to fire victims. We strongly discourage you from submitting these forms without first consulting with us. You deserve to obtain full value for your damages and losses, not what PG&E determines your losses to be. Contact us today to make a full recovery.

Do I Have A Fire Claim?

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We are currently reviewing on a selective basis fire insurance claims under homeowner or business insurance policies against each insurance company.

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