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San Francisco Car Accident Lawyer

The streets of San Francisco possess many unique challenges for drivers, such as steep hills, swiftly-moving bike messengers and light rail. The experienced car accident lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen are here to obtain financial compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, medical costs, time missed at work, damaged car and more if you or a loved one was injured or killed in a car accident in San Francisco.

You will receive nothing for your troubles but a disrespectfully low offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company if you try to handle your car accident injury claim by yourself. The offer will be disrespectfully low because the insurance company will only respect you if you are represented by a strong, battle-tested law firm with a proven track record like Nadrich & Cohen.

Allowing experienced car accident attorneys to talk to the insurance companies for you prevents you from accidentally saying things, things the insurance companies intentionally trick you into saying, that can allow them to pay you less money. You could find yourself having accidentally implicated your own fault in an accident that wasn’t actually your fault if you don’t obtain the representation of a car accident law firm.

The Bay Area is home to some of the finest medical care in the country, and we’ve been representing Bay Area accident victims for 30 years. We have, in that time, developed working relationships with the finest medical practitioners in the area. These doctors know that almost all of our cases are settled out of court for a fair and just amount, so they agree to not charge our clients until their cases are over.

We won’t charge you until your case is over, as well, and we won’t charge you at all for our services if we don’t obtain a recovery for you. That is our no fee promise. Our only fee is a portion of your recovery and it is only charged if we obtain a recovery.

Call us now at (415) 526-8949 for a free consultation if you or a loved one was injured or killed in a car accident in San Francisco. We may be able to obtain a financial recovery to compensate you for your injuries. You can also fill out the form on the right, email us at or discuss your car accident with a live chat specialist.

How We Can Obtain Financial Compensation For Your San Francisco Car Accident

California Civil Code Section 1714 (a) is what gives us the ability to obtain financial compensation for your injuries. It holds the driver who is at fault for your accident (or, in effect, their insurance company) financially liable for your injuries and any other damages resulting from those injuries, such as lost wages and medical bills. It does this because it holds anyone who causes harm via negligence liable for that harm.

Negligence in California is defined by civil jury instructions as failing to be reasonably careful in order to prevent harm from happening. Acting and not acting can both be negligent. Doing what a reasonably careful person wouldn’t is negligent. Not doing what a reasonably careful person would is negligent. Juries are told to consider what a reasonably careful person would or wouldn’t do in the same situation when evaluating if a defendant was negligent.

California juries are instructed that it must be proven that negligence occurred and was a substantial factor in causing harm in order to establish a negligence claim.

We can obtain financial compensation for your injuries by proving that your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence.

Car crashes into the tree in SF

The Unique Hazards Of San Francisco’s Roads

The roads of San Francisco contain many unique hazards, including:

Steep Hills

Stalling can be an issue when climbing hills with manual transmissions in San Francisco. It’s important to keep enough speed to avoid stalling when shifting into at least second gear to climb a steep hill. Those not used to driving a manual transmission on steep hills may also wish to use the parking brake when stopping on an uphill incline, such as at a stop sign, so as to avoid rolling backward and hitting the car behind you when attempting to move forward again.

To avoid your car rolling away on hills when parking, turn your wheels away from the curb when facing uphill and parking, and turn your wheels toward the curb when facing downhill in parking.

One-Way Streets, Bus-Only Lanes And More

San Francisco has lots of one-way streets so it’s easy to find yourself in a very dangerous situation, driving against the flow of traffic, if you don’t pay attention to street signs.

Bus-only lanes and signs that tell you that you can’t make a left turn at a specific time of day are also examples of hazards you can encounter if you don’t pay attention to street signs in San Francisco.

Bicyclists And Pedestrians

San Francisco has a lot of cyclists, including speedy messengers. It is important to always keep an eye out for cyclists when driving in San Francisco. Assume they may not follow the rules of the road.

San Francisco is a famous walking town and not only are there a ton of pedestrians, jaywalking is simply part of the culture. Always keep an eye out for pedestrians while driving in San Francisco. You must yield to pedestrians in San Francisco regardless of if they’re in a crosswalk or not.

San Francisco Car Accident Lawsuits

We’ve been representing car accident victims in San Francisco since 1990 and have recovered over $350,000,000 on behalf of clients in that time. We have amassed a network of the best car accident experts in the Bay Area in that time, and between their help and our experience, almost all of our cases settle out of court for the full amount our client deserves.

Call us now at (415) 526-8949 for a free consultation if you or a loved one was injured or killed in a car accident in San Francisco. We may be able to obtain financial compensation for you.