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San Francisco Dog Bite Lawyer

There are estimated to be around 232,000 dogs in San Francisco, according to a Civil Grand Jury report. Dog bites are bound to occur in a city with that many dogs. Fortunately, the experienced dog bite lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen are here to help you if you’ve been bitten by a dog in San Francisco.

We can help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and more if you were bitten by a dog. Some dog bites can be disfiguring, and we can get you to the best plastic surgeons if necessary. We can get your injuries treated by the best doctors in the Bay Area, and they won’t even charge you until your case is over because they work on a lien.

Our only fee is a percentage of your recovery. We do not charge a fee if we do not obtain a recovery.

Call us now at (415) 526-8949 for a free consultation if you were bitten by a dog in San Francisco. You may be able to obtain financial compensation. You can also email us at, complete the “Do I Have A Claim” form on the right or have a conversation with one of our live chat specialists.

How We Can Obtain A Dog Bite Recovery For You

We can obtain a dog bite recovery for you because California holds dog owners strictly liable for damages which a person suffers due to a dog bite which occurred in public or while the person who was bitten was lawfully on private property. Some states have a “one bite rule,” meaning dog owners are only liable for dog bites if they knew or should have known the dog might harm someone. Dog owners in California are, however, strictly liable for damages caused by dog bites regardless if the dog has shown a previous history of aggression.

There are exceptions to strict liability for dog bites in California. You cannot recover damages based on strict liability in California for a dog bite in the following situations:

  • The dog was a military/police dog holding or apprehending a suspected criminal
  • The dog was a military/police dog investigating a crime or possible crime
  • The dog was a military/police dog executing a warrant
  • The dog was a military/police dog defending someone
  • You were bitten while trespassing
  • Your negligence, such as your provoking of the dog, caused the dog bite
  • You are a vet bitten while at work, since your profession assumes the risk of dog bites

Strict liability doesn’t apply to handlers and keepers of dogs in California. Keepers and handlers can, however, be held liable for damages caused by a dog bite if the dog bite happened because of their negligence or if they had prior knowledge of the dog’s aggressiveness.

We can sometimes obtain a recovery for our dog bite clients based on negligence. For example, we can sometimes obtain a recovery for those bitten while trespassing based on negligence.

CACI No. 401 defines negligence in California as the failure to use reasonable care in order to prevent harm from happening.

black and white dog biting knee

2017-2018 Dogs And Public Safety Civil Grand Jury Report

A 2017-2018 Civil Grand Jury Report explored the functions, operations and interactions of San Francisco Animal Care and Control, the Vicious and Dangerous Dog Hearings and the Vicious and Dangerous Dog Unit of the San Francisco Police Department, seeking to help them improve their treatment, record keeping, management and understanding of dogs which might pose a public safety risk.

The report found that all three entities were mostly effective at protecting the public from dog bites, but it also found areas where the entities could improve.

The report found that the SFPD Vicious and Dangerous Dog Unit would benefit from an extra staff member to help with record keeping. The report found the Vicious and Dangerous Dog Hearings lacked support structure to make sure they continue to function at a high level, and that they needed monitoring and guidance.

The report found that San Francisco Animal Care and Control was “chronically underfunded.” The report found their dog bite prevention activities didn’t show the same devotion their dog welfare activities showed.

Dog Bite Statistics

There were 48 dog bite-related fatalities in 2019 in the United States. 69 percent of them involved pit bulls, which make up around 8 percent of the dogs in the United States.

Around 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year. 800,000 of them require medical attention.

The most damaging dog bites, by breed, come from, in order, pit bulls, German shepherds, terriers and rottweilers.

3 to 18 percent of dog bite wounds become infected.

Dogs who bite the most are mostly dogs who aren’t spayed or neutered.

California Dog Bite Statute Of Limitations

You have two years from the date your dog bite occurred to file a dog bite claim in California. The lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen can make sure your dog bite case is submitted in a timely fashion.

What To Do After A Dog Bite

Obtaining immediate medical attention if your injuries necessitate doing so should be the first thing you do after a dog bite.

Get the contact information of the dog owner if you can, including name, address, phone and email, as well as the contact information of any witnesses.

Contact animal control and describe the animal in as much detail as you can if you can’t identify the owner of the dog. Document your location, take photographs of your dog bite and contact the experienced dog bite attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen.

San Francisco Dog Bite Lawsuits

We can obtain compensation for you in a dog bite lawsuit for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, disfigurement, disability, physical and mental pain and suffering and more. Our services are free unless we obtain compensation for you.

Call us now at (415) 526-8949 for a free consultation if you or a loved one was bitten by a dog in San Francisco. You may be entitled to a financial recovery.