The Most Common Causes Of Auto Accidents In Modesto, California

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The city of Modesto, California saw 1,453 auto accidents in 2018, according to UC Berkeley data. These accidents injured 2,093 people and killed 30.

The most common causes of auto accidents in Modesto in 2018 were:

Automobile Right Of Way Violations

Failures to yield the right of way to other users of the road were the most common cause of accidents in Modesto in 2018, accounting for 337 accidents, or 23.26 percent of accidents. Drivers should yield to pedestrians in California, and should always be on the lookout for “YIELD” signs.

Left turns are common causes of accidents, and those making left turns should always yield to any approaching vehicles which are close enough to pose a danger.

Unsafe Speed

Unsafe speed was the second most common cause of accidents in Modesto in 2018, accounting for 315 accidents, or 21.74 percent of accidents.

Drivers in California, regardless of posted speed limits, should never drive faster than what is safe for the current conditions. Factors that can influence what speed is safe to drive at include how many vehicles are on the road, how fast they are traveling, road conditions and weather conditions.

Most California highways have a speed limit of 65 miles per hour, but some have a 70 mph limit. The speed limit on two-lane undivided highways in California, and for vehicles towing trailers, unless otherwise posted, is 55 mph.

Failures To Obey Traffic Signals And Signs

Failures to obey traffic signals and signs were the third most common cause of accidents in Modesto in 2018, accounting for 209 accidents, or 14.42 percent of accidents.

Improper Turning

Improper turning was the fourth most common cause of accidents in Modesto in 2018, accounting for 186 accidents, or 12.84 percent of accidents. These accidents involved traffic violations such as failures to signal and unsafe turning movements.

Always use your turn signal when turning or changing lanes. Keep your wheels pointed straight ahead when waiting to make left turns, since you may be pushed into oncoming traffic if struck from behind while your wheels are turned to the left.

Driving Under The Influence

105 accidents in Modesto in 2018 involved driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, representing 7.25 percent of accidents.

Pedestrian Violations

Pedestrian violations accounted for 55 accidents in Modesto in 2018, representing 3.8 percent of accidents. These violations involved pedestrians failing to yield the right of way to vehicles while outside of legal crosswalks.


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