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Dangerous Drugs

Not all drugs are adequately tested before making their way into the marketplace. Worse yet, drug companies sometimes hide the dangers they discover associated with their drugs through their testing.

The public is virtually at the mercy of a pharmaceutical industry bent on making profits even at the risk of patients’ health. Unfortunately, the national watchdog — The Food and Drug Administration — often does an inadequate job making sure that drugs entering the marketplace are safe and effective for their intended purpose.

Our Attorneys handle many types of dangerous drug cases, including:

California Dangerous Drug Lawsuits

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Types Of Dangerous Drug Claims

Defect in manufacture

This category includes drugs that are tainted or are improperly manufactured.

Dangerous side effects

These are drugs that, by their nature, produce negative side effects in patients which are serious enough to cause injury. Often a drug is inadequately tested before being released to an unsuspecting public. In some cases resulting side effects may not be evident until later, thereby causing even greater harm to the patient.

Drugs that are improperly marketed

The marketing of a drug has to do with warnings, instructions, contraindications, and recommendations for use. Often drug companies fail to provide accurate or adequate warning of the potential for harmful side effects.

Drug Companies Putting Profits Over Safety

Anyone who has been prescribed a drug in recent years knows that prices are very high. Even with medical insurance some patients spend hundreds of dollars a month on medications in order to stay alive. If this were not enough, many of the drugs ostensibly designed to benefit them actually cause more harm than good.

Meanwhile, the profits enjoyed by pharmaceutical manufacturers are no less than astronomical. Drug Watch reports that Eli Lilly made $36 billion between 2004-2008 just for its drug Zyprexa. During these years Pfizer made $245 billion. While it is true that companies are sometimes fined for drugs they manufacture that are dangerous, considering the enormous profits they make these fines do nothing to deter taking risks or rushing drugs to market.

Oftentimes, the only justice for victims of dangerous drug side effects is to make a claim or file a lawsuit.

How To Make A Dangerous Drug Side Effect Claim

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