California Gas Explosion Attorneys

burn injuries from a gas explosion

As California gas explosion injury lawyers, we know what to do for a client whose property has been damaged or who has suffered burn injuries from a gas explosion. We have handled many burn cases including first, second, and third degree burns. First degree burns will affect the surface of the skin; second degree burn is more painful and requires medical treatment and a third degree burn is the worst because it includes tissue damage and burns into the inner tissue often requiring hospitalization.

Many of our gas explosion cases have included third degree burns. Most third degree burns involve destroyed tissue and repair surgery that includes either a dermabrasion or skin grafting. Skin grafting is when healthy skin from another area of the body is removed and placed at the burn location. Dermabrasion occurs when there is a reduction in the scar appearance by scraping off certain external skin layers that cause the scar to smooth out. Unfortunately, we have had gas explosion and burn injury victims where the scars have affected muscles and tendons, causing severe burn injuries and multiple surgeries.

burn injury victims

We know how expensive it is to treat a severe burn injury. We are experts in showing and proving the need for long-term rehabilitation treatment. We are experts in obtaining all compensation for our burn injury victims including the cost of medical treatment, past future and past employment, lost wages and pain and suffering. We are experts in showing and proving the tremendous pain and suffering caused by a burn injury. We know and will prove that the emotional distress caused by a burn injury is so severe that it will affect our client for the rest of his or her life. Please let us help you or your loved one.

Every member of our law firm team from the head partner to the receptionist are caring, loving individuals. We promise you we will take care of you and that your case will be very important to us.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a gas explosion burn or any burn injury, we will help you. We will provide you with the absolute best expertise, advice and representation. Burn injury cases are a very important and complex area of the law. You deserve to have an expert who has over 30 years of burn injury experience on your side. Contact us at 1-800-718-4658 or complete the contact form on this page.