Kincade Fire Lawsuit

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California state authorities announced in July that PG&E equipment ignited the Kincade Fire, which burned 77,758 acres of land, destroyed 374 structures and caused four non-fatal injuries in 2019.

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Lawsuits Against PG&E For Wildfire Losses

This isn’t the first time in recent memory that a failed PG&E power line apparently caused a massive, devastating wildfire. The Camp Fire started on November 8th, 2018 in Butte County, California when a PG&E power line failed. The Camp Fire killed at least 85 civilians (one civilian is still missing) and injured twelve civilians and five firefighters. It burned 153,336 acres of vegetation and destroyed 18,804 structures, becoming California’s most deadly and destructive wildfire in its history.

The total damage caused by the Camp Fire was estimated at $16.5 billion in January 2019. PG&E faced a wave of lawsuits after the Camp Fire, as well as other California wildfires in 2017 and 2018.

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Kincade Fire Investigation

Destruction caused by Kincade Fire in CA

U.S. District Judge William Alsup, who is overseeing PG&E’s probation, demanded information from PG&E about the power line which failed before the Kincade Fire started, mandating that they answer questions about the power line.

“What scenarios could plausibly cause a jumper cable to separate from a transmission line during a windstorm?” Alsup asked. “Should we now be worried that other jumper cables inspected in the same manner have potential failures that have gone undetected?”

Alsup had previously grilled PG&E after a Wall Street Journal article showed that PG&E failed to fix its power lines despite knowing for many years that they could start fires. PG&E acknowledged to Alsup that it knew for many years that its lines could fail and spark wildfires.

Alsup asked PG&E why it had spent money donating to political candidates and paying out billions of dollars in shareholder dividends instead of spending the money on tree trimming or replacing or repairing aged transmission lines.

PG&E told federal regulators that it made plans in 2013 to overhaul the 98-year-old Caribou-Palermo line. However, the overhaul had not yet taken place when that line failed, causing the deadly Camp Fire in 2018.

Kincade Fire Statistics

• Destroyed 374 structures, including 174 homes

• Damaged 60 buildings, including 34 homes

• Burned 77,758 acres of vegetation, an area almost twice the size of San Francisco

• Injured 4 fire personnel or civilians

• Required the use of 1,404 fire personnel to contain

• Reached 88% fire containment

• Numerous evacuations in Sonoma County, including Healdsburg, Windsor and Geyserville

• Caused the evacuation of almost 200,000 people

• Caused PG&E to shut off power to almost 940,000 customers

• Become the largest wildfire in California in 2019 and Sonoma County’s largest ever wildfire

Kincade Fire Attorneys

Property and vehicle destruction from a CA fire | Kincade Fire

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